Bigg Boss 12 November 7 Highlights: Sreesanth gets into a fight with Karanvir Bohra and Deepak Thakur

In today's episode of Bigg Boss 12, we will be seeing how Sreeshanth gets into a heated argument with both his inmates Karanvir Bohra and Deepak Thakur.
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In today's episode of Bigg Boss 12, we will be seeing that the inmates will be continuing with their luxury budget of the week. The contestants Dipika Kakar, Romil Choudhary, Somi Khan, Surbhi Rana and Deepak Thakur will be seen in the make-shift house while Karanvir Bohra, Jasleen Matharu, Rohit Suchanti, Megha Dad-he and Shivashish Mishra in the main BB house. In the episode, we will be seeing Sreesanth getting into a heated argument with both Karanveer and Deepak.
10.10 PM - An emotional Deepak tells that Sreesanth always makes him sad and cry. When he tries to leave, Shivashish stops him. Sreesanth foes to Deepak and feeds him a piece of cake. They both are seen forgiving each other.
10 PM - It's Sreesanth's birthday and Dipika gets halwa cake for him on behalf of the contestants. Shivashish gifts Sree his jacket and a ball. Later on, it is seen that Deepak is all emotional and not eating food. Sree goes to him and tries to make him calm, but Thakur refuses to listen to anyone.
9.45 PM - Sreesanth starts instigating Karanvir and the latter ends up telling him that he has lost almost 10 years of his life. They both start arguing terribly and hurl abuses at each other. Sree even drags KV's family in the argument and spits on the group say he will take revenge from him. They go on to threaten each other. Sreesanth is called in the confession room as he uses foul language. Deepak dislikes the way Sreesanth talks and complaints about it to Dipika.
9.40 PM - Megha talks to Dipika and tells her that she will probably end up becoming the second runner up and Dpika disagrees with her. Dipika then tells strategies to Happy Club. She joins Happy Club and tells Romil to send Surbhi and Deepak to her. Deepak, on the other hand, leaves the bungalow by giving a fake reason. He talks to Karanvir and tells him his strategies. Surbhi yells at Karanvir and he lets her go. When Megha sees this she gets upset with KV.
9.30 PM - The Happy Club decides to leave their bungalow and Sreesanth declares that Karanvir has to leave as he needs to be safe currently. On the other hand, Dipika asks Happy Club that she needs their support. Surbhi and Dipika welcome Romil's team strategies and support him. Meanwhile, Sreesanth reveals that he feels Karanvir and Dipika will be ending up last. Sree goes on to tell Megha and Jasleen that Dipika will become the captain.
9:25 PM - Afterwards, Jasleen is seen discussing with Shivashish who tells her that what she did wasn't right. Later on, Bigg Boss tells the task has been stopped and the inmates have to return to their respective houses. Shivashing then goes and talk to Sreesanth telling him that he shouldn't fight with Karanvir as he is not important. He also tells him that he will end up looking bad outside. 
9:20 PM - Later on, Dipika foes and tell her team that she won't be leaving the task. On the other hand, Romil goes and tell his Happy Club that someone has to leave. Meanwhile, Somi and Deepak declare that they will leave the next day. While Srishty keeps on convincing Happy Club to leave the house or else the task won't be continued. When Jasleen says that she will leave the house, Dipika gets angry. KV goes and asks Jasleen to explain herself on leaving the house. While she tries to do that Dipika and Karanvir pay no heed.
9.15 PM - During the task, Sreesanth and Deepak end up in a heated argument which leave everyone shocked. The ex-cricketer is seen passing derogatory statements on Deepak and instigating him. Moreover, Deepak goes and tell Karanvir that Sreesanth's swag is talking against people behind their back. Both Sreesanth and Karanvir start calling each other names. Sree calls KV a naag, while in return Bohra calls him a termite.
9:08 PM - During the luxury budget task, Srishty Rode asks the inmates that amongst them who will leave the task. After hearing this Dipika and Karanvir discuss their respective strategies with each other and say that they won't leave the task. Meanwhile, Shivashish leaves the task and gives his ticket to Srishty. On the other hand, Dipika is seen talking to Megha and Jasleen and asking that amongst both of them one has to stay and she is all game for the risk coming on their way. Megha goes on to tell Dipika to wait till the morning so that they can see who from the other team can leave the house.

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