Bigg Boss 12 November 8 Highlights: Dipika Kakar, Romil Chaudhary, Surbhi Rana & Deepak Thakur fight it out

In the Bigg Boss 12 house tonight, the inmates will fight for captaincy, and there will be swords for the fight too.
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After yesterday's unfinished luxury budget task, a new day has begun in the Bigg Boss 12 house and with it has come toe fight for captaincy. Jasleen Matharu and Somi Khafail to come to a conclusion, and so the Luxury Budget task remains a tie. Next up in the house is the captaincy task, where the inmates will have to select four contestants who will fight it out in the captaincy. And the selected contestants are Dipika Kakar, Romil Chaudhary, Deepak Thakur, and Surbhi Rana.

10:05 pm: Surbhi then tells Karanvir that Romil isn't a nice person and Dipika is a chamchi. She also tells him that she is not fake and all she was doing was making fun. Somi and Deepak have a talk she tells him that while she does respect his feelings, he should let it be here. She also tells him that Dipika wanted to talk about this in front of everyone but she told him she wanted to talk to him first. 

9:55 pm: Romil then tries his hand at convincing Rohit to leave the task. Just then, the bells rings and Somi then asks who wants to leave. Jasleen and Megha vote against Surbhi while Rohit and Karanvir vote against Dipika. With this, Somi is left confused and asks Bigg Boss to help her make the choice but he only asks her to make the decision or the task ends midway. Deepak then asks Jasleen to quit, however, she asks Rohit to leave since Surbhi was the last captain. Romil goes onto say that he will quit the task only for Deepak. However, this ends up badly for the contestants as Bigg Boss dismissed the task.

9:45 pm: Meanwhile, Romil makes fun of Rohit and he then gives up, asking Surbhi to get an empty sipper while Deepak covers him up with a blanket. Bigg Boss then goes on to reiterate the task to the inmates, and tells them that instead of convincing otehrs, the contestants are just saving the sword. Surbhi and Deepak then do their planning and decide to try and convince Jasleen and Megha to leave the task. Karanvir then tells the two of them that he wants Megha to leave the task. Sreesanth gets into another fight with Surbhi as he taunts Rohit for his behaviour. Dipika and Somi intervene and finally stop the fight.

9: 35: Surbhi taks a dig at Sreesanth and tells him that he should have supported Dipika given how she is always around him and by his side. Rohit too, joins her and berates Sreesanth for his decision. Sreesanth then threatens him and pushes him away from the sword. However, nothing stops them from berating Sreesanth. Post this, Sreesanth and Dipika try to make Rohit quit the task, while Surbhi continues to defend him and keeps shouting. She in fact, also pushes off Sreesanth during the task. With so much happening, Sreesanth goes on to tell Rohit that all of this is just in good spirit and only for the task. Rohit too, says the same.

9:25 pm: Dipika is then made to read out the task which has been set up in the garden area. There, there are swords kept which have Deepak, Romil, Dipika and Surbhi's names on it and kept inside four different rocks. The next task is for them to pick those who will protect the swords and they will not be allowed to even take washroom breaks. Once the sword is left unguarded, and someone else gets hold of it, the person will get eliminated from the task. However, there will be no forcing or fighting, but they can convince each other to let go off it. Dipika's first pick is Sreesanth, however, he refuses. She then picks Megha, while Romil pciks Jalseen, Deepak chooses Karanvir, and Surbhi chooses Rohit. All of this, after a lot of convincing.

9:20 pm: Since the luxury budget task bore no winners,Bigg Boss then asks the imates to choose 4 contestants who will contend for the captainship. The criteria for doing so will be their performance in the luxury budget task. Since Jasleen and Somi were the ones who failed to come to a definite conclusion, Bigg Boss asks them to not take part in captainship task. After a lot of arguments and discussions, Dipika, Romil, Deepak and Surbhi are selected to fight the task. Meanwhile, Megha and Rohit are hurt post the decision as no one took their names. Both of them are disappointed with Sreesanth and Surbhi respectively.

9:10 pm: Karanvir Bohra and Deepak Thkur have a conversation where the former tells him that it is a fact that those who are fake can't be the same for a long time. To this, Karanvir says how one's nature can't change after all.

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