Bigg Boss 12 November 8 Highlights: Surbhi Rana, Jasleen Matharu & others get emotional on seeing family clips

It is going to be a Happy Diwali inside the Bigg Boss house. However, it will have everyone in tears as they get a glimpse of their families.
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Bigg Boss Season 12 has brought in Diwali celebrations with an emotional twist. While some will be seen letting for of their grudges from the past, there will be some who will turn emotional with Bigg Boss' Diwali gift for them. The luxury budget task will come to an end, and it will indeed be a Happy Diwali inside the house with loads of cheer but also some tears. Turns out that Bigg Boss will bring in happiness, but it might come at the cost of others.

10:00 pm: The day ends as everyone dances to 'Let's Nacho.'

9:55 pm: Deepak and Romil indulge in some banter as the former pulls the latter's leg for letting Somi use his chance. The inmates then welcome numerologist Sanjay Jumaanu and he goes on to make some predictions for Jasleen as well as Megha. He also has a few inputs on Somi and Surbhi's fate. About Srishty, he said that she has a good heart while for Dipika, he goes on to say how she will be making a lot of news this year. The perfect highlight was when he said how Sreesanth will get some good news this year, and he also asked him questions about his future in cricekt. Sanjay, told Shivashish that he is playing a good game and is strong.

9:45 pm: Deepak is then all excited and pumped up as he gets a message from his father, followed by Sreesanth and Rohit Suchanti's voice messages by their fathers too. The latter two decide to let Deepak see the video message, and he too, is extremely emotional as he sees the message. More emotions follow as Dipika Kakar receives a message from husband Shoaib Ibrahim followed by messages for Srishty Rode and Romil Chaudhary. Sristhy and Dipika decide to let Romil see the entire video, who then further decides to pass on the chance to Somi. And well, she is obviously elated post seeing the message from her family.

9:30 pm: Next up is a voice message for Jasleen Matharu followed by voice messages for  Somi and Megha. The three of them now have to decide who gets to see the message. Following a unanimous decision, they announce Jasleen's name. She has a video message from her parents, and well, she definitely couldn't control her happiness and tears too.

9:20 pm: And well, then Bigg Boss says that only one out of the three will get to see the video and that the three of them have to mutually decide who will it be. After much discussion, Karanvir and Shivashish decide to let Surbhi get this opportunity. Surbhi then finally gets to see her mother's video message and she gives out her best wished to her. In fact, she also goes on to share the message with Shivashish.

9:10 pm: Housemates wake up to the song Happy Diwali and while everyone is dressed at their traditional best, Deepak Thakur returns the keys of the Kaalkothri back to Sreesanth. And, Bigg Boss announces about the video messages that have come in from their families, for which, everyone gathers in the activity area. While the audio is played, everyone in the house tries to make a guess at whose family member's voice is it. The entire situation makes Surbhi Rana emotional. And then, once the activity begins, it is Surbhi Rana, Karanvir Bohra and Shivashish Mishra who turn out to be the first trio to enter. 

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