Bigg Boss 12 October 8 Highlights: Jasleen says she is SINGLE post Anup’s exit; Surbhi-Karanvir fight

Stay tuned to witness the changed equations between the contestants inside the Bigg Boss house as we bring you the LIVE updates of today's episode.
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As the third week has come to an end, relationships seem to take a different turn inside Bigg Boss. The show has gained momentum and is garnering limelight for the controversies. While Anup Jalota will be disappointed with Jasleen’s changed behaviour inside the house, the contestants will take up the luxury budget task which will also affect this week’s captaincy.

Stay tuned for LIVE updates of today's episode:

10:00 PM: In the promo of the next day's episode, Sourabh is seen losing his cool as Deepak blames him for lying during the last task. Also, housemates are seen going against Surbhi as she uses her force against Srishty during the task.

9:50 PM: Jasleen falls as Srishty tries to stop her from crossing the wall. The game is still on and the inmates are discussing who should win among Sreesanth and Saba.

9:45 PM: Sreesanth during the Weekend Ka Vaar had said that he knows a secret about Neha. Neha is seen discussing that with Sreesanth inside the jail. Singles want the Single contestants to become the captain of the house, Srishti and Nehha discuss how Sreesanth will benefit them as a captain. 

9:35 PM: The jailors are seen strategising the task, Dipika asks Srishty if she wants to voluntarily transfer her chance with Shivashish, she agrees. The task is underway.

9:25 PM: Deepak is disappointed as Karanvir stopped him and thus he was made to quit the task. Romil holds Sourabh in the next round. Surbhi accuses Karanvir of touching her inappropriately, Karanvir denies her allegations.

9:20 PM: Karanvir and Shivashish who are the jailors strategies the game. Dipika Kakar, Romil Chaudhary and Karanvir get into an argument over strategies. Deepak is made the Sanchalak of the game. Sreesanth is discussing the game with Surbhi Rana.

9:15 PM: Sreesanth gets angry with Bigg Boss' decision, he destroys the ball he made with tissue. Sreesanth opens his mic and says Bigg Boss that he wants to leave the house. Housemates try to calm him down. Bigg Boss announces the luxury budget task and says that those who will lose the task will be out of captaincy race inside the house.

9:08 PM: Housemates wake to the tunes of song Ek Rasta Do Raahi. Bigg Boss tells that Neha Pendse, Karanvir Bohra and Sreesanth, who nominated themselves for Kaal Kothari are nominated this week. Bigg Boss calls Romil to the conference room and asks him to not to play cricket in the living area. Romil and Jasleen were playing cricket.

9:00 PM: Surbhi and Romil discuss about Dipika Kakar. She tells Romil that Salman Khan favours Dipika. Deepak, on the other hand, tells Urvashi that she doesn't support him. Jasleen and Shivashish are seen bonding over dinner. Later in the night, Romil, Deepak and Surbhi discuss the captaincy task in which Shivashish had changed hands while holding the ring. Surbhi tells Deepak he was wrong in the task and Deepak promises that he will not repeat.

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