Bigg Boss 12: Romil Choudhary & Rohit Suchanti question Sreesanth's cricket knowledge leaving him miffed

In today’s episode, we can expect to see some cricket interrogation happening between Rohit Suchanti, Romil Choudhary and Sreesanth which might make Sree annoyed. Take a look.
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One of the most popular shows on Indian television is Bigg Boss 12. With each passing day, the housemates seem to be getting pretty angsty. This anxiousness is causing huge fights between them. Yesterday, we saw a huge fight between Rohit Suchanti and Sreesanth where the latter also was about to slap Rohit. However, he stopped at the right moment. Later, more arguments took place during the BB school bus task which made the atmosphere in the house extremely tense.

Today, we can expect to see some more of that. In a promo released by the makers, Rohit Suchanti and Romil Choudhary end up interrogating former cricketer Sreesanth. In the promo, we can see Romil and Rohit playing catch with each other when Sreesanth passes a comment on their cricketing action. This gives them both a chance to comment and question Sreesanth’s cricketing knowledge. After being quizzed so much, he feels irritated with Romil and Rohit.

Take a look:

Isn’t that interesting? On the show, Sreesanth has been one of the controversial contestants. He has revealed quite a few secrets about his cricketing career. Also, due to his fights with Surbhi Rana, he has been a hot topic of debate inside and outside the house as well. Meanwhile, yesterday, Rohit and Surbhi were declared the winners of BB School bus task. Today, we can expect to see a face-off between them to decide which one of them becomes captain. Who do you think will win the captaincy this week? Tell us in the comments section below.

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