Bigg Boss 12: Salman Khan SLAMS Rohit Suchanti and Surbhi Rana leaving them speechless

In tonight’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan will lash out at Surbhi Rana and Rohit Suchanti for their inappropriate behavior. Read details.
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This week, Weekend Ka Vaar has come a day before as host Salman Khan decided to come on Friday to grill the gharwale locked inside the BB house. As we all know, during the BB School Bus task, Rohit Suchanti and Surbhi Rana were seen provoking the gharwale especially Sreesanth and Dipika. From ridiculing Sreesanth for his cricketing career to calling Dipika ‘fake’, Surbhi and Rohit crossed all the limits to instigate the gharwale. Although Rohit and Surbhi emerged as winners of the BB School Bus task but looks like, Mr. Khan didn’t quite approve of their behavour and as a result, he lashed out at the two.   

In the promo, we see an angry Salman Khan lashing out at Surbhi Rana and Rohit Suchanti for their behavior. While Salman Khan begins by asking Rohit if he knows anything else besides instigating people and that his comments on Sreesanth are unaccepted. “You have no right to pull down somebody,” Salman Khan tells Rohit while explaining to Rohit that even he has been through similar things, and that it takes shitloads of courage to come out of it. Thereafter, Salman Khan condemns Surbhi for her behavior and tells her that while she passes remarks about other people, but she has no idea that she is showcasing herself in poor light.

Also, tonight, we will see Bigg Boss asking the contestants to nominate each other for kaal kothari and when Surbhi takes Sreesanth name, the latter gets very angry and as always, refuses to go to the kaal kothari. In yesterday’s episode, Surbhi Rana became the captain of the house and because of which, Surbhi has got a direct entry to the finale week. With just three weeks into the finale, let’s see which contestant will get evicted this week from the BB house.  


This weeks weekend ka vaar is going to be great like all times as Salman Khan is going to address a lot of things I believe he will speak about the slap action done by Sreesanth and the violence that is growing as Romil also gave a head bump to Rohit and Deepak trying to hit himself in washroom and even brake the night lamp next to his bed previous week there was no elimination and we might get to see a double elimination may be not this week but soon Salman may also address the increasing use of bad words to looking forward to seeing today's episode and if you have missed any of the episode other bigg boos you can watch it on voot

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