Bigg Boss 12: Shilpa Shinde thinks it is a good thing that Dipika Kakar is trying to follow her game

Shilpa Shinde will be re-entering the Bigg Boss 12 house, this time with mastermind Vikas Gupta. With her entry inside the house, looks like a lot will transpire in the week to come
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Shilpa Shinde, the winner of Bigg Boss 11 is all set to re-enter the house, and she along with Vikas Gupta will be joining the other inmates as contestants. Though the season has received a rather lukewarm response, there has been a continuous buzz about the show and the contestants. Shilpa, who has been a follower of Bigg Boss 12, seemed excited to re-enter the house and in an interview with us, she spoke about what she thinks about the inmates, their current game, and a lot of other things.

Taking about re-entering the house and the current game, Shilpa said, "Show is receiving a lukewarm response because people are comparing. So if you compare someone's first film, let's say if you compare Aamir Khan's first film with someone else, you can't do that, Aamir Khan is Aamir Khan, and if you do you will be the one who is going to be disappointed. And basically, that's the thing, there are things that will happen only once, but there are always efforts that go into whatever it is anyone does. Yes, this is a fact that if you don't be the person you are, that is going to be visible and I think that is the reason that people are pretending."

On bonding with Megha and other inmates, she quipped, "I don't know about the bonding, but I will try to gel with everyone and be the way I have been in the house. Even I was watching and following Megha as what can be called as a fan, so I will be meeting her in person for the very first time and that is going to be a different thing. There is no doubting that she has been a great player which is why she was the winner, and that is also why everyone has gotten insecure because of her. Rest, after you go inside the house, irrespective of however much you think you will do things, you can't do anything."

When asked about Rohit Suchanti's game, she said, "He has come with someone who is already a winner, and people are already scared of how she has the tag of the winner and she has a great following, etc, so I think that is a really good strategy that Bigg Boss has taken to. However, he is very young and the kind of buzz he has created already with his entry inside the house looks like he is going to do something for sure."

Elaborating on how inmates have been pretending inside the house, Shilpa said, "I think those who are pretending basically includes the celebrities according to me, like Karanvir Bohra is a really good actor and he has a great following too, so I think he is acting up only. The person that he is needs to come out in the open. Then there is Srishty Rode, she is looking very pretty in the game but it looks like they have been overpowered by the commoners or they don't want to fully come out, and they are not visible. The thing is if you don't come out as the person you are, it is simple, that you won't be visible."

On Dipika being compared to her, she explained, "It is good that you follow someone who is your favourite, she has met me too, though I don't know her but it is a good thing when we pick up things from those we admire. For example, even during Megha's season, she was said that she has done her homework, but despite that, doing it from your heart and making that happen is a big deal. You know we say that we tried but it never happened, so not always do things fall into place despite the efforts."

When quizzed about if she thinks it is Dipika's image consciousness that is undermining her game, she told us, "I think that is what happens, artists have that kind of a personality. Srishty for example, when she fell down reacted right at that moment, which is her real side. I am not telling that it is a bad thing, it can happen that there is a reaction to an action, but then she realised she shouldn't have done it and her image isn't coming across as good. But, it was real, she reacted aggressively and that is what I think, all the artists are in their own shell."

Fans have been very excited and are expecting a grand entry, Talking about it, she said, "I think that there already has come a storm amongst the audience, like oh my god, Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde. I hope that things turn out as exciting as they are looking forward to. We have made no such strategy and there is nothing that we know will happen at the creative level and once inside the house, it is Bigg Boss' voice that will command us to do what has to be done. There is nothing else, we don't know what will we do. At the end of it all, you can't think things to happen your way before you enter the house."

On who does she think is the mastermind this season, she stated, "Vikas was the mastermind last season, and I think one thing is made only once, and no one else can be the mastermind. But yes, there is Romil Chaudhary, who is a lawyer, so he has to be the mastermind and he is trying to be that. He is actually playing well and understanding the game, or let's say he is living it. "

She also said that she feels bad about Sreesanth and thinks he is a good person: "I feel very bad for him, yes he is real but his behaviour in the house is that like a kid. But then he has been pampered as a kid, and the kind of situations he has been in, the things that have happened in his life, he is really hurt. He is somebody who is very emotional and hence reacts immediately. He is not a bad person after all. When things happened with Deepak, he told him a sorry too, if he wasn't a good person he wouldn't have done that and kept up with his attitude. He is only very aggressive but he is real. I think he is a good person and he needs to understand things."

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