Bigg Boss 12: Shivashish Mishra talks about his eviction; Sreesanth's game & equation with Jasleen Matharu

Shivashish Mishra got evicted from Bigg Boss 12 and it obviously hasn't gone down well with many of the fans. Meanwhile, in conversation with the contestant, here's what he said.
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Bigg Boss 12 seems to have come under everyone's attention only for the wrong decisions being made this time around. Right from what transpired in the house during Rohit Suchanti's entry or how Sreesanth has tried to escape innumerable times, or the latest, Shivashish Mishra's eviction. Sreesanth and Shivashish Mishra are considered as two who have broken rules but are also said to be their true seles inside. Post Shivashish's eviction, when he got in touch with Pinkvilla, here's what he spoke about the eviction, his decision to not go to jail and more on the housemates.

He justified his decision following the eviction, and said, "What was asked was to go to jail, and it was just for a few hours. I have gone in the jail before also, but the reason they wanted me to go to the jail wasn’t valid or appropriate at all because they were quoting instances form the first two-three weeks and that is like about 8 weeks before. And, there are people who have done worse and accepted that yes we have done it and they were willing to go instead of me as well. Fair enough, isn’t it? Everyone was by my side but Romil Chaudhary for his own personal needs was ready to send me to jail and I wasn’t ready to go because if I can’t stand for my own rights then where would I be standing? I could have gone inside the jail but that would have been like changing my personality and my self-conscience would be asking me whether it is right or wrong."

On whether his eviction was right or not, he said, "Obviously, it was wrong but then it’s the Bigg Boss house and it’s his rules and his commands, there is nothing that can be done about it." Shivashish and Jasleen Matharu have been great friends, and their friendship led on to people believing they are more than just friends. Clarifying the same, he said, "Jasleen was a great friend, just like others, Dipika Kakar, Srishty Rode, Somi, etc. There is nothing there, I don’t know what is being thought of. Even when Anup Jalota ji was there, the three of us used to chill together and when he went away, she was alone so I had to give her a shoulder and we were just good friends."

A lot is being spoken about Teejay Sidhu's open letter to the makers, and about this, Shivashish felt what Karanvir thought too. He said, "Karanvir Bohra’s wife Teejay wrote an open letter which I don’t know why did she because Karanvir, on the contrary, is completely fine with it. Salman and Karanvir share a relation since before and yes Salman bhai does take his case but that is in a very healthy and humouros manner and there is nothing to go personal because Karanvir feels the same. I don’t know why was this done."

Sreesanth is receiving quite the lot of flak both inside and outside the house. However, he feels that Sree is just like him. On his behaviour and game, he said, "What happens inside the house is every day is a new day and everytime he has mood swings because people portray something else and they are something else right, but Sree and me don’t play games we don’t go about planning and plotting so there are times when it is felt that he doesn’t want to be here or that he doesn’t deserve to be there at that particular time because he has been targeted unnecessarily. For example, the last time when I got evicted, people bumped onto me, but when I said sorry and everything they pounced onto Sree for no bloody reason, I don’t know why. And Sree feels like why am I being targeted, because of which you get the feeling that I don’t want to leave the show and that confusion keeps on going."

On being asked who is the smart player, he said, "I wouldn't say smart but mean and rude is what I would call Romil because he doesn’t care about relationships, or ethics or the people, nothing. All he cares about is the game, which for the game is good but as an individual, it isn’t."

Well, what do you think about his eviction? Drop in your comments below.


Please bring shiv back..

Well,anyways shiv wouldn't have stayed long because his attitude is not nice and is a shameless fellow, personally I don't like him. But, his eviction on grounds of breaking rules was wrong, I totally disagree because even many other contestants have broken rules. If he was not adamant, he would have been in the house but the vote factor comes into play which he would lose. The winner is definitely Dipika Kakkar Ibrahim. You are the best Dipi

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