Bigg Boss 12: Surbhi Rana's rude behaviour with Sreesanth and Srishty Rode upsets Twitterati

Twitterati is very angry over Surbhi Rana's rude behavior during one of the tasks. Check out the tweets of Bigg Boss fans right here.
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Bigg Boss12 is now in its fourth week and things are getting dramatic by the day. Surbhi Rana's entry as the wild card contestant and eviction of Anup Jalota and sending him to the secret house has turned the tables in the house and how.  Surbhi is garnering headlines since the day she joined Bigg Boss. Now in the latest episode, she showcased her aggressive side and got the maximum limelight. Her aggressive behavior during Jailbreak task has made everyone angry and the whole BB house is disrupted. She pushed Sreesanth and Srishty Rode and even talked very rudely to other contestants as well.  

Not only that she even Srishty was hurt as her hair got entangled during the fight. The same has irked all the contestants of the BB house. Celebrity contestants Srishty, Sreesanth, Karanvir, Dipika boycotted the task later. This is not the first time Surbhi went wild. She earlier lost her cool in previous captaincy task. She went on a rant against Somi Khan who was one of the contenders of the task. All the Bigg Boss fans are unhappy with her and her behaviour. Many Twitter users felt that she should be reprimanded for the act. They also lashed on Deepak Thakur. Twitter users also said how he should be in Kaal Khotri for his behavior as well. Check out the tweets right here:

This is the first major fight in the house.What are your views on Surbhi Rana? Let us know in the comments below.

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Shreesant is a waste in the house. Looser he is. He is very aggressive and he needs attention. Don't understand why give importance to this guy. He is very show off for nothing. He should be evicted today. Surbhi is good she is playing well.

Gosh this gal Surbhi what a nonsense and cheap overtly annoyingly dramatic

Sreesanth is a Fusaki patakha. He just walk aggresively at somebody when he is mad ( 99% he is seems mad) and the walks off back . Seems so funny. Cry baby.

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