Bigg Boss 12: Vikas Gupta questions Karanvir Bohra’s leadership ability; Sreesanth thinks KV has been selfish

In tonight’s episode, Vikas Gupta will be seen accusing Karanvir Bohra of lacking leadership ability. Sreesanth and Romil Choudhary will also attack KVB for his decisions. Amidst this, will Karanvir give his justification? Take a look.
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If there is one show on TV that has kept the nation hooked on, it is Bigg Boss 12. With just two days remaining for the season finale, we can expect a lot of drama and action in the coming days. Yesterday, in a shocking twist, Surbhi Rana was evicted from the show. She left the remaining 5 contestants on an emotional note. Today, we will get to see some more drama in the house when former contestant, Vikas Gupta, Jay Bhanushaali and Sweta Singh will enter the show for a task.

In the show, the three will ask some tough questions to the last 5 contestants and they will have to defend themselves. In the new promo, we can see Vikas Gupta directly slamming Karanvir Bohra for lacking the leadership ability. Vikas accuses him of hiding behind all the contestants and now outshining them. Karanvir tries to defend himself when Sreesanth jumps in and says he thinks KV has been selfish. Deepak and Romil also join in and accuse KVB of the same. This makes Karanvir angry as he feels that they are not letting him speak. At that time, Sweta asks the contestants to give KV a chance to speak. 

Take a look:

Post this, KV says he has played for himself and has shown leadership ability when it was needed. He quotes one incident related to Dipika Kakar. At that time, Romil Choudhary jumps in again and questions KV again. Amidst all this, KV seems lost and tries to defend his actions in front of Vikas, Jay and Sweta. Now, will Vikas get convinced with Karanvir’s answers? We will find out in the upcoming episode. Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more updates.

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