Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar Highlights: Ranveer Singh & Sara make Salman Khan's marriage profile,Somi EVICTED

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This week of Bigg Boss 12 which is being hosted by Salman Khan was a rollercoaster ride for the housemates. The housemates have gone through a series of tasks and got into many ugly arguments. The game is getting intense as the grand finale is nearing. The housemates are leaving no stone unturned to make their place in the top four. This week, Sreesanth and Karanvir fought during the nominations task and it went out of hand. Also, the Kaal Kothari task caused a huge fight in the house when Karanvir was asked to go to jail by the housemates and guests of the show, Manu Punjabi and RJ Pritam. However, he later agrees and goes to jail with Deepak Thakur and Surbhi Rana.

Yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss 12 saw team Simmba including Ranveer Singh, Sara Ali Khan and Rohit Shetty on the show for the promotion of their upcoming film. The fun will continue in tonight’s episode as the trio will enter inside the house and will play some fun games with the contestants. Also, Salman Khan will announce one name of the contestant who will leave BB 12 house this weekend. Romil, Dipika Kakkar, Sreesanth, Karanvir and Somi Khan are nominated for this week’s eviction. This last weekend ka vaar episode of the season is going to be fun-filled.

Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for all the Live updates from Bigg Boss 12 house: 

10:00 PM: Salman Khan returns to Bigg Boss contestants after team Simmba bids goodbye. The actor-host announces Sreesanth, Karan Vir and Deepak are safe from the eviction while Dipika, Somil and Romil head to a rolling wheel which would decide who will get evicted. Housemates are in a shock to know Somi Khan is EVICTED just 7 days before the grand finale. Deepak, Sreesanth, Romil, Surbhi, Dipika and Karanvir make it to top 6.  

9:40 PM: Simmba team joins Salman Khan on the stage. Ranveer Singh's questions Salman Khan about his marriage and like always, he had a witty reply. Sara adds that next year everyone will search for a perfect girl for Salman Khan. Ranveer, Sara and Rohit also make Salman Khan's matrimonial profile. Salman leaves everyone ROFL by saying that he would like to marry in a way that no one gets to know about it, not even his partner. He later adds saying that he would want a partner that would keep his family together.

9:20 PM: Team Simmba bids goodbye to the housemates with all smiles and dance. As they leave, Sreesanth takes injured KV to the bedroom area. Salman Khan interacts with the contestants and wishes them Merry Christmas. The superstar talks about eviction and questions who is very nervous this weekend. Keeping eviction aside, the actor calls everyone in Sultani Akhada. The contestants are divided into two teams. Each member had to come forward and get into a verbal fight. Deepak, Sreesanth and Dipika Kakkar's team wins Sultani Akhada this week.

9:10 PM: Rohit Shetty also plays a fun game with the contestants. He gives few situations to the housemates and asks them to enact. He asks few female contestants to impress Deepak Thakur. Dipika, Surbhi and Somi Khan try to impress Deepak, who acts like NRI. Later, Sara and Deepak dance to the romantic song ‘Tere Bin Nai Lagta Dholna’.  The contestants along with Ranveer Singh also enjoy zombie dance, Anil Kapoor’s ‘My Name Is Lakhan’ and a crazy dance on ‘Zingat’. While dancing Karanvir’s ankle twists and he sits down to rest.

9:00 PM: Ranveer Singh and Sara enter the house dancing to Ankh Marey song with housemates joining them too. Housemates go crazy seeing Ranveer in the house. The handsome hunk shares some news from the outside world to the contestants. The first news he shares is Jasleen and Anup Jalota are engaged and the other was Srishty Rode is making her Bollywood debut. The housemates were asked which of the news they think is true and false. Housemates guess it right that Jasleen and Anup’s news is false. After few rounds of the questions, Rohit Shetty enters the house. 

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Salman Khan’s marriage??? It has became very irritating now, especially for himself!!

Salman was looking so disinterested when Ranveer was talking makes me think that he hates the dude.

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