BB10: Karan, Gaurav, Rahul, Nitibha & Lokesh; The deserving contestants who got evicted this season!

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Bigg Boss season 10 is drawing close to its finale episode. While this time it took a little longer for the show to garner TRPs, towards the end, BB10 finally accelerated its pace and managed to make a few headlines. 

This season saw the combination of celebrities vs commoners, who were both entertaining and irritating. If there were people like Karan Mehra and Rahul Dev in the house, Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga made sure that  BB viewers had a tough time while digesting their antics. 

We decided to list down few contestants who got evicted way too earlier and would have otherwise made for deserving candidates for the winner's title this season!

Karan Mehra

TV's popular beta, Naitik Singhania aka Karan Mehra made his 1st appearance on this reality TV show. However, his surprise elimination came way too early for his fans. The reason was given that Karan didn't add much spice and was way too thanda in this otherwise OTT show. 

No sanskari betas in demand!

Rahul Dev

The baddie of B-Town was among the sensible most contestants in BB house. Often acting as a peacemaker, Rahul had openly admitted that he was doing BB for financial reasons. Post his eviction, Rahul expressed how he couldn't behave as per the TRP requirements but termed his stay in the BB house as a learning experience. 

Less villainous for the show...

Gaurav Chopra

He was calculative yet balanced. Smart yet sensitive. Hence Gaurav's eviction was more like a mystery to be decoded. In Gaurav's words, people mistook his calm side as fake and couldn't relate with his real persona. Moreover, as a celebrity contestant, Gaurav cleared that he wasn't ever hungry for the two-minute footage, unlike the other commoner contestants.

Too difficult to understand? 

Nitibha Kaul



She quit her job in Google to step into the madhouse, alas, it didn't work out for her. But the girl from Delhi gave a tough fight and managed to survive till the last leg. While her link up footages with Manveer in the house did grab a few eyeballs, Nitibha was ousted from the show just before the semi-finals. Known for her outspoken, urban Indian women persona, Nitibha would have indeed made for a fresh change in the list of finalists! 

No fierce Indiawaali for viewers!?

Lokesh Kumari



By far, the most interesting and underrated contestant on the show, Lokesh was everything a commoner contestant was expected of. Outspoken yet gentle at heart, Lokesh's eviction probably did her more good than any harm! While in the house she was treated as a misfit, outside the BB world, her latest photoshoot is grabbing the eyeballs. But hey, a bit of honesty and genuineness would have been good for the show! 

No takers for desi Priyanka Chopra?

Looks like, BB10 makers went into a desperate mode to keep back contestants like filthy mouthed Swami Om and overtly aggressive Priyanka Jagga. In the hunger for garnering TRPs, makers let go off strong contenders who would have given a new dimension to the show, then the otherwise, run-of-the-mill loud mouthed, drama kings and queens! 

R.I.P Bigg Boss 10. Hope by next season you do some sensible stuff!

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TBH Lokesh, Navin and Akanksha should have stayed more

Maybe Lokesh. I like Karan as a human being but he's not Bigg Boss material. Frankly speaking, didnt care for most of these people. Have noooo idea how Nitibah stayed so long!!

If Nitibha and Karan were deserving then I honestly don't know what to say anymore!!! Lol!

Lokesh is and was over-rated!

Would have loved to see Rahul more. He was one true gentleman and never greedy though he entered only for money.

I fail to understand why bad and arrogant people are Winning the show... the youth really needs to change their mindset and not vote for bani n others who really don't deserve...Rahul was one nicest guy in the house...but the youth are more obsessed with that stupid Bani.

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