Bigg Boss 10 hit or flop?! Decide for yourself!

Bani Judge, Rahul Dev, Karan Mehra, Gaurav Chopra, Rohan Mehra, Lopamudra Raut, Mona Lisa, Manu Punjabi, Lokesh Kumari, Manveer Gurjar, Priyanka Jagga, Navin Prakash, Nitibha Kaul, Akanksha Sharma - Bigg Boss 10 update and roundup for the season. Swami Om
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What began as a reality-show has now come to become part of our everyday ‘real’ lives and we eagerly wait, everyday, to watch the drama unfold inside the virtual world of the Bigg Boss house. As the show, Bigg Boss, entered its tenth season, it was apparent that the show will offer some new tadka and well, we aren’t complaining. The tenth season of Bigg Boss introduced the ‘celebs versus commoners’ format and it did manage to grab eyeballs but for all the wrong reasons. But as the saying goes ‘There is no such thing as bad publicity’ and well, we assume it worked for the TRPs of the show.

8 commoners and 7 celebrities entered the house on October 16, 2016 and as the days passed by, contestants were evicted from the show and mind you, some were thrown out and today, on the finale, there are only four contestants left inside the house.

From the ‘Captaincy’ tasks to fighting over immunity and nominations, Bigg Boss 10 was privy to it all and more. As in all the seasons, this season of the show had its share of cat-fights between Bani & Lopa, physical violence between Rohan & Swamiji or verbal abuses between Lopa & Priyanka Jagga.

Just as the show was about to fizzle out, courtesy its ‘celebs versus commoners’ concept, we had a 60-something man, Om Swami, throwing his pee around the house and earning the ire of not only the viewers but the gharwale and Bigg Boss, so much so that he was immediately thrown out of the house. As if this thrill was not enough, a Jagga-something Priyanka came out of nowhere and threw everyone in a state of bewilderment by her constant use of abusive language. Mind you, we have never seen Mr. Salman Khan get so furious during the show that he actually asked the contestant to leave the house. During the show, even Salman Khan expressed his dismay with the unprecedented usage of abusive language inside the house so much so that he actually apologized to the viewers on behalf of the team.

Rishte bane, rishte toote, Bigg Boss 10 saw it all. While we can root for Gaurav Chopra-Bani J friendship, we can also vouch for the animosity between Bani & Lopa. Likewise, the famous M3 i.e. Manu-Manveer-Mona ki dosti is something we’d wish to see in every season of the reality show. Just as we saw the patient Rahul Dev loose his cool inside the house, we were astonished to see Bani’s emotional side.  

Here is a lowdown on the tenth season of Bigg Boss. Take a dekko!


From the BB Gold Mine task, BB Laundry task, BB Lockdown task, to BB Family App task, the tenth season of Bigg Boss had its share of luxury budget tasks which didn’t fail to create the much-needed drama in the house. We all know that its routine for the gharwale to fight during the tasks and this is exactly what happened. While some secret tasks, or in BB terms, gupta karya, created a rift in the house, some tasks allowed the gharwale to meet their family and friends.

From arguments, fights, emotional drama to verbal abuses, Bigg Boss 10 experienced it all and well, a little more than the previous seasons. Why? By now, the nation must be aware of this man called Om Swami and thanks to him, there was never a dull day inside the house until he was thrown out of the show. Yes, due to his antics and abnormal behavior, for the first time in the history of the show, a contestant was thrown out of the show.

Wildcard Entries:
As the show has it, every season a sea of wild card entrants enter the house and well, this time around, Jason Shah, Priyanka
Jagga, Sahil Anand and Elena Kazan come as the wild card entries. Although this time, barring Jagga, the remaining wild card entries failed to create a furor inside the house and as a matter of fact, all three of them got eliminated quite early.   

Salman Khan:

Needless to say, the host of the show, Salman Khan, is the highlight of this season and from reprimanding the gharwale for their dirty acts to praising their kindness and advising them, Salman is the bhai-‘jaan’ of the show. Come Saturday, the gharwale go into a pensive mode and brace themselves for their master-class with Salman Khan.  

Celebs versus Commoners:
As the show kick-started, we were introduced to both, the celebrity contestants and Indiawale but as the show comes to an end, we can rightly say that the commoners are no longer common, they have created a niche for themselves outside the virtual world of Bigg Boss. Yes, that’s right!

True Friendships:
dosti aur nafrat, these are the cornerstone of the show and this time around, while we witnessed, on the one hand, Bani and Lopa’s hatred for each other, on the other hand, we saw the friendship of Mona-Manu-Manveer and Gaurav-Bani.

‘I want to go home’
This epic statement is the foundation of the show and it is a way of telling the viewers that this show is not always hunky dory and it can take a toll on you. From Mona Lisa, Bani, Rohan to Lopa, everyone uttered this quintessential line of wanting to quit the show and go back home.

Weekend Ka Vaar:
One thing common amidst all the
gharwale was their sense of fear for Saturdays because Saturday spelled eviction for them.

The finale is just a few hours away and amongst Manveer, Manu, Bani and Lopa whom do you think deserves the trophy?!

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Big Boss 10 one of the worst contestants. Such boring they are. Its not even interesting to sit and watch them. This is the first time in so many years I have not watched regularly the present Big Boss 10.. Wrong choice of contestants....very disappointed...crossing fingers that next season of Big Boss we might get to watch some good faces.

Bigg Boss 10 was easily one of the most rocking scandalous entertaining season in the longest time! after the dull Season 9 this came as a pleasant surprise ! I was rooting for the celebrities through out and my favourite is Bani!

Worst show ever 3rd year running disgusting who runs the show ? As a viewer I see the show being run by salman hate it hope they bring a new host or end bigg boss for good

poor decision to bring commoners in. The only season I didnt care to follow


better than season 9 for sure

If the big boss team doesn't stop bringing in fixed winners it will not be a hit. They don't evict irritating contestants who get on the nerves of the audience and make them stay to create drama. When you don't listen to the audience they tune out.

Completely flop this time. This year it clearly looked as biased and scripted. Saving Maveer in every step, injustice towards Rohan and what not. This year they proved it is all scripted and voting is just drama.

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