From Shaheer-Sakshi gifting themselves luxury cars to Manveer-Kamya's dinner date, check out the top TV newsmakers of the week!

Here at the Top TV Newsmakers of the Week.
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Sakshi Tanwar and Shaheer Sheikh treated themselves with luxury cars this week. After BB10, Manveer Gurjar and Kamya Punjabi met for a dinner date while Rahul Dev and Rohan Mehra got candid about their respective girlfriends. 

Let's take a look at the Top Newsmakers of the Week in detail:

1. Post Dangal's success, Sakshi Tanwar gifts herself a luxury car!

The talented actor has gifted herself a car and flaunted it while exiting from the auto showroom.

2. Dinner with my Winner! Bigg Boss's Manveer Gurjar and Kamya Punjabi chill together


Now that Manveer is out of the house, he has been catching up with his friends and family. He recently met up with Kamya for a dinner date where the two had a good time

Shaheer, in the pictures, is seen posing with his family as they proudly stand near their new hi-tech car. It was just a few months ago when Shaheer purchased a posh expensive house in the heart of Mumbai.
Ask about Mugdha's bonding with Siddhanth and Rahul says, "I wouldn't say it's fantastic and it can never be, god willingly it will be, but yes it's good." 
Recently Akshaya Naik did a photoshoot where she was decked in a traditional Bengali avatar. But this was no ordinary shoot as she sent a powerful message. Her message reads, "We, as women, need to get out of this entire nutshell of being PERFECT ! Unfortunately, PERFECT has always been portrayed to be fair, slim, wearing fully covered clothes, well mannered and obedient. Well, we need to overcome this. As long as you love yourself, you are PERFECT and no one has the right to destroy your self-confidence to be WHO YOU ARE. Thin, fat, fair, dark, tall, short - you are BEAUTIFUL I dedicate this picture to all those who have made fun of my chubbiness since childhood and specially in my college days. Who said, "You'll burst if you eat a grain more because you're bloating like a BALLOON." GO AHEAD, and say more. You have given me more courage to accept myself and love my body.  Be the QUEEN of your life and let no one conquer you. PS : Flaunt your curves with all the grace #AllHailPlusSize #WeAreBeautiful #Actress #Model"  
The actress seems to have asked her lil Ruhi aka Aditi Bhatia to click a selfie with her. It was Divyanka's caption for the click that made us giggle. Her caption reads, "When you have spasm in both arms after a workout session and you are feeling like "#thakur" from #Sholay.... You ought to take help for #Selfie!."
Kushal shared a picture of ex-GF Gauahar Khan from a magazine which confused Gauahar. But the magazine cleared the air and said that Ajay Devgn was on their cover and not Gauahar.

8. Nia Sharma posts a video of her cute nephew; receives major backlash!

A glance at the video and you will realize that the boy is using swear words which apparently Nia found cute and hence a wave of dislike lashed out on Nia's comment section of the video.

9. Trouble for Bani J and boyfriend Yuvraj Thakur's paradise! Have they broken up?

But, it seems like things between the two have gone downhill and is not the way what it was earlier. After coming out of BB10, Bani went to London to meet her mother and sister. Meanwhile, on a live chat, Yuvraj, when asked by a fan, said, "I'm single". When he was asked about Bani, he said, "I don't know where Bani is, she must be home."

On Valentine's Day today, we got in touch with the dapper Rohan who sounded completely smitten by Kanchi as he spoke about their plans for today's special day.

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