Bigg Boss 11 - Winner Shilpa Shinde's journey in the house was a rollercoaster ride of emotions

Babiji Ghar Par Hai fame Shilpa Shinde has had ups and downs in her entire Bigg Boss 11 journey. It started with people targeting as a villain on Twitter and now she is receiving a lot of support from her fans. It will be interesting to look back at the actor's journey in the house.
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Bigg Boss 11 - Twelve commoners and six celebrities entered the house and had no clue to what was in store for them. The journey of BB11 has come to an end and now when we look back, we see everyone who entered the house has shown their character traits - be it anger, love and hate. They have grown in their entire duration of the house - three months. 
On the show, we got to see Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai! fame Shilpa Shinde. She entered the house along with Vikas Gupta. The journey started with a nok-jhok - 
Shilpa: Aapne kaha tha na, season 11 sabke bajenge barah barah barah
Vikas: Maine? Apne to poore channel ke barah bajae the1
That's how Shilpa's journey started in the house. And now that the show is finally coming to an end, we can say that Shilpa stood strong in all the ups and downs. In the beginning, Shilpa and Vikas's real-life grudges became the hot topic of discussion - The former did all things to tease the latter - well, it wasn't less than any Tom and Jerry fighting for a common bait. Shilpa tried her best to make his stay in the house difficult so much so that he tried to escape the house. Even the viewers were left annoyed with Shilpa and targeted her on Twitter - called her the villain of the house. But, the two gradually sorted their issues and we saw a different side of Shilpa's character. 
Remember how she cooked for Vikas and he, too, destroyed his favourite jacket for Shilpa - the dynamics of their relationship changed throughout this journey. 
Shilpa was called the 'maa' of the house and the tag was given by Akash Dadlani and Arshi Khan. But they still bullied her and tried to make her life miserable. The most appreciated thing about Shilpa was that she stood strong and intelligently chose when to speak and when NOT. 
Shilpa's journey became emotionally daunting and draining when the actor's decision to marry Romit Raj was questioned in front of public and it was Vikas who revealed it. 
Who can forget Shilpa and Hina Khan's issues? Hina made fun of Shilpa's English speaking skills. She was recently ridiculed by Hina - "If cooking is the only skill one required to win people’s heart, even I could have learnt it before coming to the show." Hina and Shilpa never shared a good rapport. 
Akash, who used to call her 'maa', insulted her and that was shocking. The emotional breakdown moment came when Shilpa's mother said that if you call her 'maa', respect her that way. 
She was body shamed by Priyank and even got bullied by her co-contestants, but she remained strong and steady. To end it, the host of the show - Salman Khan stood as a pillar and supported her. 
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Will VOTE for shilpa

We love shilpa shinde


We love you SHILPA!!!

we lovwe hina

hina best

Shilpa. Winner of peoples heart and bb11

Shilpa is the best and most deserving winner of big boss 11.

Shilpa is the winner of the

Shilpa Winning Hearts and will win the bb11

Shilpa shinde


Shilpa best contestant so far.. Her journey was truly a roller coaster .. Hina was the one who was always trying to let her down.Finally the title she got was mohalle ki aunty @_@ Karma bro!

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