Happy Birthday Surbhi Chandna: Everything that makes the Sanjivani 2 star a complete actor

Surbhi Chandna is one of the finest actors in tellytown and there isn't just one thing that makes her the talented diva that she is, so here's us listing down some of them for you!
Happy Birthday Surbhi Chandna: Everything that makes the Sanjivani 2 star a complete actorHappy Birthday Surbhi Chandna: Everything that makes the Sanjivani 2 star a complete actor
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Surbhi Chandna has been on the block for about 6 years now, and ever since she stepped on the television screen, she has owned every role she did and managed to win the hearts of the audiences with it. The actress has done varied roles and one cannot point out to just one calling it her best, but there are, of course, a lot of things that make her the diva that she is today, right from her ever so energetic vibe to the hard work she always puts in.

Today, as the actress celebrates her birthday, we thought we would try to do some justice to everything that makes her a stunning actress, a perfect human being, and so much more. While I definitely couldn't pen down just about enough about her because there's a lot to speak despite the little I know of her, but here are a few things that I think, make her the complete actor that she is. Let's get started on from a little something!

Humility, always!

Surbhi is undoubtedly one of the most down to earth actors I've ever come across. For her, it is difficult to turn you down, but she will do it politely when she has to, and her way with fans? Well, it is commendable, because she has all this love and appreciation for them, and that just never goes out of fashion for her.

The desire to experiment



Trying to be too GUTS-y these days #easybreezy#choppedhairdontcare #hellosummer

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Most of the actresses try to do roles that are different, and she does it too. Her transition from Ishqbaaaz's Annika to Sanjivani's Dr. Ishani is something that is commendable, but what is equally commendable is how she managed to wow the audiences with Ishqbaaaz in the first place after having played a mute girl in Qubool Hai. With this kind of a career graph, we can't even begin to wonder what will she be onto next. And, if that's not enough, we all know how she chopped off her tresses for the role of Ishani, something that not many would do, but going that extra mile is what always makes a difference.

This zest for everything she does

Surbhi is always always full of energy, even when you meet her after god knows how many hours of shooting, she wouldn't budge from being the energetic self that she is. There's always something that keeps her going, and that something is her love and passion for the work she does, which she always carries with her.

The graph of growth

Surbhi has fine-tuned herself into becoming The Surbhi Chandna that she is today, and while things tend to change over the years, and everyone gets better, she has put in her own efforts in her own so many ways to be a better version every day, inspiring the thousands of fans out there to do just the same!

Her fashion impeccable choices

Now, this is something we'd treat just like an additional because just like every actress, she does have some of the finest fashion choices and not just that, she is always up for experiments. f we could raid her wardrobe, we wonder if there would be much of anything left in it! 

So, here's wishing her a very happy birthday!

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