EXCLUSIVE: Bharti Singh talks about The Kapil Sharma Show, changes in Kapil post marriage and the year 2019

Bharti Singh got in a candid conversation with Pinkvilla, where she spoke about how did her character of Titli Bhabhi come about, how is it like shooting with Kapil Sharma and a lot more. Read her interview here.
EXCLUSIVE: Bharti Singh talks about The Kapil Sharma Show, changes in Kapil post marriage and the year 2019EXCLUSIVE: Bharti Singh talks about The Kapil Sharma Show, changes in Kapil post marriage and the year 2019
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The Kapil Sharma Show has indeed made a remarkable return to the television screens and we can see how well everything is coming about for Kapil Sharma as well as the entire team. The show has maintained consistency in terms of getting good numbers and has successfully stayed away from any kind of controversies. Bharti Singh, who plays Titli Bhabhi in the show, is one of the finest addition to the new season, and when we got in touch with the comedian, she had loads to say in an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla.

When quizzed how The Kapil Sharma Show is something she has been waiting to work on and her character, she said, "It is very good, and my character of Titli bhabhi is very cute. It was Kapil bhai’s ideation only. We had thought a lot about it, to make it Gujarati or Punjabi, so I was talking in Lalli’s voice to someone randomly, and he suggested that let’s keep it like this. The idea is that she is married and has eleven kids but she is still a kid in her mind and ways. People can tell me anything or for that matter, I insult my family too, but when others say a word, then Titli Bhabhi gets very angry. It is a very cute and lovable character and I enjoy shooting".

Talking about the shoot, she said, “Kapil Bhai gives so much of space whenever anybody enters. It is me or Krushna or anyone for that matter, he only gives the cue. I mean for someone who is so big and who has a show in his name, he doesn’t have to let others speak, but he just gives a cue and whoever enters, that person totally owns the stage. In fact, there are instances when he himself goes on the side so that we get our comfort. There is no tiredness, and shooting is really fun".

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Adding further, Bharti also spoke about the changes that have come in Kapil after his marriage with Ginni Chatrath. She said, “He comes on the sets cut to cut, and is always on time. We always finish the shoot on time and I always think that Ginni is very lucky and she is very sweet. She sends food not just for Kapil, but also for all of us.” She also revealed how Ginni is her childhood friend and she knows her since a very long time. Praising Ginni for Kapil’s lifestyle, Bharti said, “Ginni is taking great care of Kapil, right from yoga to sending him to the gym to boiled vegetables and everything else. Kapil bhai has also become very calm and patient.”

Concluding, Bharti said, “Mazza hi aa gaya (I am enjoying this).”

Bharti also spoke about 2019 as a year, and said, “This year has started off very well for me, right from both my shows topping the TRP charts and for Haarsh too. He also has a lot of work and I hope this year turns out to be a great one for everybody.”


She and that nephew of govinda has ruined the show. Now it’s like any other cheap comedy show

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