EXCLUSIVE: "I want to extend my family soon!" - Veena Malik

Updated on Sep 12, 2014 11:54 AM IST  |  2M
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Actor Veena Malik whom we last saw in ‘Super Model’ got married last year to Asad Bashir Khan and now enjoying her marital life to the fullest. She has been shuffling works between Pakistan and India and now she's travelling all over the world. While she was part of reality show ‘Bigg Boss 4’ now currently she is going to play a ghost in upcoming Bollywood film ‘Mumbai 125 KM’. In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla.com, Veena talks about her wedding, husband, fashion choices and more. Read excerpts:
How has been life since your marriage last year? Life after marriage has become more challenging, as I'm traveling since then. Immediately after marriage we went to perform Umrah spent 2 weeks in Mecca and Medina then we went to USA for a month for our white wedding. From USA we went to UK and then again Dubai and then Pakistan for our wedding functions. Then I went to Dubai then UK and now I'm in USA and planning to leave for UK and Dubai and then Pakistan. And this how my life has been since then. It’s a roller coaster ride since I got married. It's exciting fun and challenging.
Has marriage changed any of your perspectives about life and people? Yes. I have been away since I was 14 from my family and been too much into my career. I missed a lot of things what teenagers do and missed a lot of occasions when I could have been by my family’s side rather than in front of the camera. But it's never too late and now after marriage I have realised that my family needs me. Now I have a huge family which includes my in-laws too. My mom, dad, my siblings, my in-laws and my husband, they all need me. So I will try to keep this balance now between my family and career.
How is your equation with Asad? Asad is a very sensible man. He has a great sense of humour, he supports me in my career and he is always beside me regarding my career or personal life. We share a great chemistry and he is more of my best friend and companion. We both aspire to excel in our perspective fields as he started his career as singer and his two songs are a hit back-to-back. So we support each other always.
How did you meet him? We bumped into each other in USA embassy in UAE. And we started chatting randomly, with no idea that we would be married in 10 days! After that families met and we found out that my father during his Army service days was friends with Asad's father and within 10 days we decided to get married. It was quick and everything went so smooth. I had heard that sometimes you meet a random person and that becomes the most important person in your life. It came true in our case.
Has he changed after marriage? I did not know Asad for a long time as we got married within 10 days. But as I see him, I don’t want to change a single thing about him. He loves me and he showers me with beautiful surprises. God has made him exactly the way I wanted him to be.
How do you two manage to find some quality time to spend together?There is this saying where there is will there is a way so we both follow that simple step as Asad has his business in Dubai and USA so I keep traveling with him everywhere and this is how we try our best to be together as much as we can.
What is the most romantic thing Asad and you have done for each other? Every single moment is romantic for us as he keeps doing little things for me all the time. He would make me laugh even when I don’t want to smile. He would take me to the most beautiful places as both of us love traveling. He would take me to the most exotic eat out places. One day he pretended to be super angry with me and created a scene and yelled at me and said, “Go to the room I don’t want you to be around me". I got upset too and I went to my room. But what I saw there made me understand his drama. There was a beautiful diamond set and I loved it.
Where was your honeymoon destination? What all fun moments you had?We are on our World tour. Our honeymoon is still on. I hope this ends with our first wedding anniversary on the Dec 25.
We have learnt that you are involved in many philanthropic activities. Can you please tell us about them? I take a lot of pride in sharing my humanity work and I'm glad I have a partner with same interests. Asad is associated with the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC). I have also recently joined IHRC as a good will ambassador for women empowerment and children rights. I have sponsored children from Pakistan and India. I got an appreciation letter from Punjab CM, Shehbaz Shareef for my services towards earthquake victims. I have been a face of various charity organizations in the last one decade. At the moment Asad and I are ambassadors to REDCROSS for IDPZ and a lot more charity projects that we are working on which includes our own charity organization for Health Education ' and poverty all over the world.
What are your upcoming films? My upcoming film is ‘Mumbai 125 KM’. It's a 3D thriller and horror film. I have performed this kind of a role for the first time ever which includes a lot of action sequences and stunts.
What kind of roles are you playing in your upcoming films? I'm more keen to do films which are substantial as I always prefer to do female-oriented films. As a girl I want to play roles which depict the lives of real women. Every woman plays a lot of roles in her real life. Every woman is a complete world within her and there are many facets to each woman. So playing female-oriented roles satisfies me as an artist.
What made you agree to play a ghost? As an artist you grow and evolve with every given chance. So when Hemant ji called me over to hear the story line, I was excited with the character. The character is of a very strong woman who takes her revenge, and the role has a strong physiological side.
You have been a part of reality shows and Pakistani TV serials in past. Do you have any plans for a comeback on TV? TV has always played a vital role where I became a household name in Pakistan and India. So TV will always be my priority so there is a show of mine on TV on which I'm working on right now and will go on air in Jan 2015. I'm very excited about that.
What are your future plans for family? Are you planning for a baby? Family is my priority for sure. And we are seriously considering starting a family!!!
How do you define fashion?Fashion is something which comes naturally to some people. My fashion mantra is what makes me feel comfortable and makes me look good and goes with latest trends. My style statement casually is H&M and forever21 and formally I like to wear gowns and long dresses mostly but I enjoy wearing all types of clothes from saris to salwar suits and from jeans to jumpers. Fashion is all about how one carry itself.
When it comes to fashion or choice of films, how do you deal with criticism?The choices I have made in terms of films and shows were always unique and strong. I got a lot of appreciation and I got a lot of critical acclaim as well. Now, I have evolved much as a person too. Obviously after my marriage and being in the industry for almost a decade I definitely became more selective in terms of playing different roles. In future people would see me in meaty and meaningful roles.
Rapid Fire:
5 things you cannot live withoutI must pray as I feel incomplete without my Spiritual connection with Almighty... My ipad as I'm reading a lot recently My husband’s companyNot a single day goes without connecting with my family Oxygen, food and water
Your favourite travel destination I recently been to Niagra falls in Canada that was the recent most beautiful location I have seen so far.
Your fitness mantra Staying positive, laungh, eating healthy, exercise and lots of water.
Friends in Bollywood I have only professional terms with people in the industry in Pakistan and India. I leave my friendships only to the sets I don’t bring them home as I have a large family and I can't afford more friends.
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