I Am Very Happy That It Has Become A Trend On TV: Krystle D'souza On Shows Like Naagin, Sasural Simar Ka & Others

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The current scenario of Television reminds one of the 80's era when the Naagins, Rakshas, Devils and everything supernatural went onto become a big hit with the audiences! Seems, history is repeating itself. While there are bashers who have a complete positive distaste for such TV shows, there are plenty who are simply fascinated by the idea, concept or nothing but the VFX of such shows.

There are celebs from within the industry who are completely anti to such surreal daily soaps. But on the other hand, there are a few who also believe that such shows are just to be enjoyed for their creativity and not to be related with one's real life. Krystle Dsouza, who will be seen laying her magical spell on audiences with her upcoming mystery- supernatural show BrahmaRakshas falls in the latter category. The actress is in fact happy that such surrealistic shows like Naagin, BrahmaRakshas and others are being brought onto the small screens. "Unlike a lot of viewers, I am very happy that such shows have become a trend on television," says Krystle. "I mean as an actor, I get so much more to do, so much more to explore rather than simply stand and cry in one place. It is challenging for an actor to act with a Naagin, a fly or a gorilla for that matter. We can always switch onto TV for daily soaps. They are going nowhere. But shows on the lines of a Naagin or a Rakshas are something more relatable because we have been hearing all such fantasy stories right from our childhood days. And now it's just that they are being brought onto the screens." She further elaborated, "I know people want to watch more of Vampire or warevolves. But then they are our urban audiences. They can definitely go and watch Twilight. But we are catering to our Indian audiences who rather will love such shows. So I am very happy that I am getting to be a part of a different storyline."

So will fans get to see her also turn into another form of living being on her show?! "No, No!  I play a simple girl with no supernatural powers or anything. I am happy playing myself in the show. So I won't be turning into anything as of now."

Krystle will be seen essaying the role Raina, a simple girl next door on Zee TV's BrahmaRakshas!Here's another name to the fan list of the Naagins, Flies, Gorillas and yes Rakshas! Point taken!

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what a beautiful woman

She kinda looks like a doppelgänger of Deepika Padukone!

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