Rather than being a divorcee, it's better to be single, successful & happy- Adaa Khan on evolving post her break-up!

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You talk to this charming lady and will realise how warm and soft spoken she is! Yes we are talking about the beautiful icchdhaari Naagin, Adaa Khan.

The classy lady very well knows how to deal with situations gracefully. Be it portraying an antagonist convincingly on screen, answering to media questions or even dealing with one of the most depressing phase of her life, Adaa handles them with grace. The actress who a few years ago, suffered through a major heartbreak, seems have come out being more stronger than before. But on the other hand, the incident also seems to have made Adaa maintain distance from love!

While talking to us at the press conference of Naagin 2, Adaa spoke her heart out and spilled the beans over why she chooses to stay away from the concept of love! "What I see around today is lot of breakups, divorces and there's no loyalty left. Looking at all of this,I feel it is better to stay single. Rather than getting into a relationship, suffering a heartbreak and ruining your life, I would like to stay single and be happy. Right now I am single and I have closed my doors to love." On probing further, she said, "Now when I see around I find this very common. Almost everyone is having a fling. Even married men are having extra-marital affairs it has become very normal. But for me it was a shock. So I have decided to stay away from it."

Everything in life, whether good or bad teaches you something! Ask Adaa on what the shattering experience has taught her and she says, "After the heartbreak I have evolved as a person, I have definitely grown as a person. I have learnt my lesson. I have totally changed as a person." She further said, "Today people have flings in the name of friendship. For me when I love someone I would want that relationship to be successful. If again something like this happens it will break me."

Further, she stated of how her family is extremely supportive of her decisions in life hence has no any marital pressures from their end."My father is very supportive of my decision. For him, my happiness is a priority. He feels if I am happy nothing else matters to him. Rather than seeing a divorcee daughter at home. It's better be single, successful and happy," she said.

The actress was dating actor Ankit Gera. Their relationship made headlines when it was found out that Ankit was two-timing Adaa with his co-star Roopal Tyagi of Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke.

Well, it won't be wrong if we say that Adaa is synonymous to the woman of today! More power to you girl!


There is nothing wrong with divorcee! They also move on to be happy with their lives.

She is speaking like being a 'divorcee' is such a sin? Oh god if such is the mentality of the so called 'TV STARS' (LOL) then only god can do something about the general mindset.

there is nothing wrong about being a divorcee

She did not say anything is wrong being a divorcée but for the reasons people divorce these days are ridiculous!!

Agree with her.... btw she is one gorgeous girl.

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