EXCLUSIVE: Arjun Bijlani spotted cosying up with Aparna Dixit at a club?!

4 years ago  |  7.4M

While we were trying to get away with the Monday blues, this news that we heard, suddenly made us raise our eyebrows!

So TV's handsome hunk Arjun Bijlani was recently spotted at a suburban club, not alone, with but with actress Aparna Dixit! You may say what'swrong in that?! Well, nothing is wrong provided you are merely hanging out together. 

But according to a little birdie who with its eagle's eye saw the happening, couldn't for the first time believe at its own sight! The birdie revealed how both the actors were seen getting quite over friendly and were spotted cozying up a wee bit too much. Towards the end of the party, Aparna got all drunk and Arjun then had to help her throughout, a scene just from any Bollywood movie.

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Anonymous : POS, both of them
REPLY 0 4 years ago
Anonymous : Why do these people even get married if they want to sleep around??? It's unfair to the wife & kid!!
REPLY 7 4 years ago
Anonymous : im also shocked by seeing this guy he always used to tell his love story if he really loves his wife he never do this all these actors are same pretending as if they are true lovers should nt believe these type of guys
REPLY 16 4 years ago
Anonymous : Is this true?
REPLY 6 4 years ago
Anonymous : Isnt this Bijlani guy married!! He participated in JDJ with his wife and kid i suppose!
REPLY 35 4 years ago