Bengaluru Mass Molestation: Everest's Sahil Salathia holds each one of us responsible for the shameful act, and he is just so right!

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The Bangalore Mass Molestation case has definitely put the entire of India to shame. While progressing technologically, with each passing year, majority of 'us' seem to be degrading with terms to mindset.

We don't need an hourly intense chat show to understand the seriousness of the issue, rather these topics, on a regular basis are raised right under your nose but are presented in the form of jokes, one liners and hence are shrugged off terming as a laughter dose. The funny memes, videos, gifs portraying women or even men at the receiving end of an ill happening coated with 'Funny Liners' is something that one casually reads, laughs and forgets. It is such massively shameful incident that suddenly changes our perception of looking at the same 'hilarious' meme, we once laughed out on and evokes a sense of anger. Having said that, actor Sahil Salathia raised a very vital point on the same. He shared an apparently funny video clip of a man hitting a woman, which was titled as, ' The moment she says, I love you but only as a friend.' Following the video, he wrote his heart out on his social media account and that just made so sense! He wrote, " Is this video funny?!?! Or do i not have a sense of humour?!?!? What happened in #Bengaluru on the 31st is disgusting and a shame to the entire country,not just a city! And now,another video bein' circulated with a woman bein' molested in B'lore! Here is the problem! OUR MINDSET!!!! We have videos like these floatin' around on public forums and people find this funny,i'm sure they love it considerin' all the *haha,so funny* business in the comments section whereas it should be boilin' your blood!NO,YOU BASTARD! She does like you 'only' as a friend! Take it easy,bro! U ain't no Clooney,u just another uneducated chutt*ya on the street with zero respect for anythin, be it your country, your family or women,i'm sure that's the last thing in your list! #OurSocietyHasHitRockBottom."

But following the tradition, we are obviously not going to work upon the ill and shameful happenings. Rather, in the minds of many, Bangalore would now be the new 'Delhi'.

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Very well said

we should not support movies the put women down or show women being disrespected or hit like terrible to make movies showing a women gets hit in the name of entertainment

I feel for the women cops tehy have to give duty in such circumstances

Lol video. Also A joke video should be taken as a joke. If you cant that is your problem.

Exactly ! Shows how people lack common sense. Im sorry for the dislikes on your comment.

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