Bengaluru Mass Molestation, Nirbhaya Rape Case or Swami Om in Bigg Boss- No! We refuse to morally progress!

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India is the same land where a female is worshiped, and at the same time, somewhere else, a lady faces the ugly wrath of the society all on the mere basis of her gender.

The recent case of Bengaluru's mass molestation that has created an uproar in the society, will soon die down. Do you not remember the Nirbhaya case or to be more relatable, the 31st December's horrifying incident way back in 2008 where two women were molested by 70-80 men?! Yes the culprits were arrested after a long and tiring follow up. And Yes! We have succeeded in nabbing the nasty ones and hence everything is apparently now under control! Seriously?

But what about the ones who have an even scarier and horrifying mindset especially when it comes to women, and are out in the open! Well, for that Abu Azmi has an answer, "Women need to dress appropriately and not hang around with anyone else except her OWN husband or brother. Yes, that's because HER husband or brother is then free to molest or eve tease other women who aren't in his relation." (Apparently says the leader of a high profile Indian political party, Yes! You read it right, LEADER!)

Well, in our day to day life itself, we see and literally witness such live examples where jokingly women are objectified and subtly portrayed as an object of desperation. A lot of our Bollywood songs to which we perfectly dance remembering the hook steps or even for that matter, simply tuning into the hit, sorry HOT, reality show Bigg Boss. Having said that, we wonder what has happened to the show, this season? No we aren't talking about the monotonous drama, but referring to the godman Swami Om.

The senior citizen seems to have forgotten complete self control. Irrespective of whomsoever the person in front is, especially if an attractive lady, the man is all set to pounce on her. If not physically, then through his eagle's vision. And we as the mass, religiously follow the show. Whether it is pushing his face almost inside Adaa Khan's intimate area making Bani go What The F**k! Or pouncing on Sunny Leone making the lady all the more awkward. Be it getting zoned out into his disgusting fantasy world while lifting Lopa's dress or touching her inappropriately, unintentionally of course (No Pun intended) or just shamelessly staring at Nitibha for long and not even have a guilt face on being caught.

Passing lewd comments, having a nasty behaviour especially towards women, seems to be the favourite hobby of the self proclaimed godman. We wonder considering his cheap and offensive behaviour, how is he still inside the house, garnering footage on national television and misleading many viewers comprising of all age groups. If the sole purpose of still entertaining the man inside BB house is for sheer TRPs, we wonder why hasn't the show marked it's presence on the TRP charts, even after three months of its debut! (Which clearly proves the senior contestant is of no good to the country's most popular reality show.)

The molestation cases that one witnesses out on streets, for which candles are lit and protests take place, definitely portray the ugly side of a beautiful India. But what about such people who are deliberately forced onto our TV sets every single day and are sold  to us in the name of entertainment by none other than a broadcast channel of respectable stature! Responsible much?!

As they say there's a fine line between being educated and in being literate, and how much ever you are well learned, nothing can help build a stronger and safer surrounding until one's mindset progresses. But looking at the Bengaluru Molestation, Nirbhaya Rape Case or even Swami Om in Bigg Boss, we refuse to morally progress! Right?!

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Damn! That is perfect! Literally how you summed up eberything is just so good! Thanks for this! And I totally agree!

This time in bigboss it feels like for the sake of common man, big boss forcing OM Sawmi and Priyanka Jagga on us. Manu and Manveer have not gone down to that limit but aren't any saint. They conspire whole day against celebs and always try to bring them down. I don't know if anyone noticed -
Manu was so touchy and lovey with Mona and we all know where the relationship was going. Now all of a sudden she is sister.
Manveer on the other hand lust on all the celebs, I don't know if any of you noticed but he was clearly lusting for Karishma Tanna during her performance. YUCK...the only deserving people are Rohan and Bani.

These cheap shows and such crass people need to be put a stop to. Why isn't this creature out yet or is he? I stopped watching this show many seasons ago.

Bigg Boss is most shitty show!

seriously what is this show up to? what message are they trying to give? people like swami om should be thrown on road..instead colors chose to fill this man's pockets with truckloads money..

How can we progress when we are so repressed? Boys and girls are not allowed to interact, even to sit next to each other in some places, they are not taught to see each other as human beings, of course they will be mentally warped.

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