He has lost the BB crown & definitely is a huge letdown, Welcome Swami Om, the new clown in town!

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In today's era, where one is constantly on their toes to compete with one another, it hardly leaves time for some self-rejuvenation. This is when ace comedians like Kapil Sharma, Sunil Grover and others come into the picture. Their one-liners, funny punches and sense of humour takes the stressed souls onto a different world altogether, giving away umpteen number of stress-free moments.

But thanks to Bigg Boss, now Kapil Sharma definitely seems to have a tough competition (pun intended) with Swami Om giving away moments that will definitely make you laugh your guts out. This man with major loss of sanity, is here to stay for sometime, atleast till BB finale is aired.

We very well remember his first encounter with the cameras in the BB house, where he was captured talking to none other than Deepika Padukone. The actress had then come to kickstart the BB 10 season as she also revealed the India trailer of her Hollywood flick. The man on the first day itself had refused to leave her side and was seen following her throughout like a tail. He had also went onto proclaim of curing Elizabeth Taylor's back-ache by simply kicking her. We still cannot forget Deepika's expressions on hearing the most bizarre statement of her life!

We had thought he is definitely been roped in for being dopey and probably that was the factor for garnering trps through the form of funny antics expected. But much to our shock, the funny man was no more funny when he started to touch the ladies, especially guests in the house inappropriately. Scanning them through his filthy eyes, was also something the contestants strongly opposed to. Stealing, lieing, disgusting stints,  peeing in the open, instigating fights, you name it and he has done it.

The baba definitely went overboard with his work and seems to finally have irked BB himself who threw him out of the house! We thought, the trauma was over! But again, we were wrong! The trauma that was limited to an one hour of BB's episode was now an on-going process every hour, owing to a few TRP focused news channels and portals who seemed to have forgotten the basic ethics of journalism, and telecasted Om's interviews.

Now that the self proclaimed godman is out, he is leaving no stone unturned in making the most of every opportunity where he is asked dumber questions just to sensationalise his random and senseless quotes.

We got our hands on a few videos where apparently the creator of divine, (as he says)has been blabbering utter crap, like in every sense. We wonder, though not his actions but aren't his words harmful to the society, now that they have been roped in by every media channel!bOr was he truly Colors' answer to Kapil Sharma's new show?! *JustSaying*

Grab some popcorn and watch how low someone can stoop down just for fame. And yes, he's just another human living amidst us! *OnlyBizarreHuman*



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So true..it is giving a message to others that you behave weird and become famous.some crazy minds will follow him if he is made more popular by news channels

yes but we as Indians would highly appreciate the act you do not report any of his nuisance anymore. WE HAD IT ENOUGH VIA BIGG BOSS. It is your duty to not give this man even a lil importance by reporting about him.

Just when he talked about Salman's Mafia connections, there comes this post.! Lol..

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement