BB10 Special! From Swami Om's pee act to Priyanka Jagga's filthy mouth: Ugly controversies of this season

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Yes, Bigg Boss did not manage to garner the much expected TRPs but it certainly did manage to garner the tag of being the filthiest season ever.

With Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga inside the house as contestants and other infamous brawls, fights and arguments, this season created quite a stir and each controversy definitely made headlines. Have a look at the ugly controversies of BB 10.

Swami Om's pee act

Swami Om in himself was a huge controversy. Everything that he's done and said inside or outside the house has simply given everybody severe trauma. But the filthiest act performed by him was when he threw his pee collected in a bowl, on Rohan and Bani when he feared of losing a task for captaincy. Yuck!


Priyanka Jagga's foul mouth

A disgraceful act and terrible words to be uttered by a lady, a mother of two beautiful kids were least expected. But as they say expect the unexpected, Priyanka Jagga went on to record of abusing, passing low comments and spread negativity on almost every contestant. After all, she was the so called beti of the hypocrite Swami Om.


Swami Om-Bani

No task this season was performed with maturity and thanks to many immature contestants. During one such task, Swami Om in his fit of anger told Bani of she doesn't stop irritating him, he would wish her mother to die. Hell went loose and Bani would have smacked Om if the contestants would have intervened on time.


Akanksha Sharma talking against Yuvraj Singh's mother

Yes, Bigg Boss 10 did make headlines but it did not help in garnering the expected TRPs. One such news that made headlines instantly was Akanksha Sharma who went on record while talking against her ex-mother in law aka Yuvraj Singh's mother. Akanksha was married to Yuvi's brother. She had stated how her mother-in-law was responsible for her kaput relationship.


Monalisa-Manu affection

While both were already in a committed relationship, Mona and Manu's growing proximity which they termed as a friendship came across as budding romance to the viewers. Though they never admitted and kept on denying their fondness, their constant coochy-cooing told viewers something else and this affected their personal relationship outside the house.


Rohan-Swami Om

Swami Om is synonymous to weird antics. During a task between Manveer and Rohan, it seems the self-obsessed Swami wanted to garner all the footage and tried sabotaging Rohan's game against Manveer on the task. Rohan who was already super irritated with him lost his cool and pushed Swami hard. Shedding his crocodile tears, Swami managed to garner the attention and BB, on the other hand, nominated him for the entire season as punishment for his violence.



The two graceful ladies have always been a disgrace to each other. Abuses, comments, taunts and off late getting into a physical brawl, the two have done everything. During a task, where Lopa was expected to instigate Bani, the former commented saying that Bani uses her mom as an emotional angle to garner sympathy. No sooner did Lopa say this Bani lost her cool and the two got into an ugly spat.

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