Pratyusha Banerjee: Gone too soon...

Pratyusha Banerjee earned a name and much fame for herself at a very young age.
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Time flies at a jet speed! It feels as if it was right now that we spoke to Pratyusha about her stint in Balika Vadhu & Sasural Simar Ka. It feels as if it was just now that we got the shattering news of her passing away. It was certainly difficult then, and it is still difficult now! Gone too soon at a mere age of 25, Pratyusha earned a name and much fame for herself at a very young age. Though short-lived, Pratyusha managed to create a place in the hearts of millions.

On the fateful evening of 1st April 2016, people found it extremely hard to digest the fact that the gorgeous lady was no more in between them. While many celebs encashed the media attention through this unfortunate happening, a few actually stood by Pratyusha's parents through thick and thin and made it a point to fight for justice. One of the few were Kamya Punjabi, Adaa Khan, Shashank Vyas, Vikas Gupta amongst others. What caused the actress to end her life, is still probably a mystery. While the reports state that it was her Boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh's trauma, other reports stated it was due to financial issues. Whatever the reason was, the TV industry sadly lost one of their star performers forever.

The bong beauty was one of the few fine performers of telly ville who made audiences literally cry and smile with her iconic role of Anandi in Balika Vadhu. A lot of noise surrounded the entire Pratyusha suicide story. It was indeed sad to see how celebrities,  both unfamous and famous for the wrong reasons encashed all the media attention by choosing to reveal all the sensitive details of such an unfortunate event. It clearly put to display the inhumane side of self-obsessed human beings. Feeding the fodder to the media in the rat race, yes, those celebs did attain short-lived fame and attention, but at what cost! It won't be wrong if we say Pratyusha, post death too helped them garner the much fame they had been yearning for.

We spoke to Kamya Punjabi, Pratyusha's best friend and soul-sister, who still regrets of not being able to see what her bestie was going through.  When we asked her about her life after Pratyusha, Kamya could barely talk. She said, "You know I still haven't come to terms with the fact that Pratyusha is no more. Even today, I just post our pictures together or write about her. It just hasn't sunk in that she isn't with us. It feels that it was just now that Pratyusha was partying with me, talking to me, getting gifts for my little Ara. My daughter still asks me, where is Pratyusha Maasi. My heart wrenches. I don't want to hurt her and don't know what to say. It's a numb moment. Its so difficult to digest that she isn't with us."

"You know when it was her first birthday after her death, we all were severely depressed. He parents were devastated to a level one cant even think of. She used to be so excited abut her birthday every year. My birthday comes just two days after hers. I couldn't gather guts to cut the cake on my birthday. My team on sets got in a cake for me, but I ddnt feel like doing anything. Diwali, Durga Pooja has been painful without her. And knowing that nothing has happened or is happening for her justice, angers me more. Its not emotionally easy to deal with her parents. Auntie still cries and I cant even think of talking to Uncle at times. The court dates are just getting extended more and more. Now I feel, chuck the law, God will see everything and give it back the same way to the accused. I feel so helpless that despite being educated, we aren't able to do anything as our hands are tied due to law. Her parents have got a little happiness in their lives of seeing Pratyusha again, through the short film, and I am glad I could do atleast this for them," Kamya admits.

The actress is all set to release Pratyusha's short film, in which fans will be able to see the actress act for on last time, on Pratyusha's death anniversary today. Apparently, Rahul Raj Singh, Pratyusha's boyfriend, has accused Kamya of falsely claiming to have shot the short film with Pratyusha. He says the movie is bogus, fraud and is just Kamya's way of making money. And now, apparently, he is planning to write a book on Pratyusha. Kamya chooses to continue with doing the work she has planned for her dear friend rather than giving him any importance.

Though Pratyusha is no more, the noise around her still continues, even a year later...

We miss you Pratyusha!


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Bas bhi karo. Stop giving this matter so much media attention. She took away her life, she had a choice in choosing the right relationship and moving on from a bad one.

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement