Pratyusha Banerjee’s 'last' movie will make your heart wrench

Pratyusha Banerjee was so involved into the character of the film that she didn’t use glycerin while performing emotional and heart breaking scenes.
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Actress Pratyusha Banerjee's untimely death shattered many. On the fateful evening of 1st April 2016, the entire of internet was taken to storm as soon as the confirmation of Pratyusha's suicide was out. While the media were seen running on their toes at a popular suburban hospital where Pratyusha was declared dead, fans took to their television sets to keep a minute to minute update of the ill happening.

Noone could believe that the actress was no more amongst us. That was the day when we couldn’t believe our ears and eyes, and it still continues to be the same upon hearing a ' late'  before Pratyusha's name or seeing a flower garland upon her beautiful photo frame. It was just not a day when Pratyusha left us, but also a day when one got a reality check of how inhumane people can be just for the sake of short-lived fame.

It was indeed sad to see how celebrities, both unfamous and famous for the wrong reasons encash all the media attention by choosing to reveal all the sensitive details of such an unfortunate event. Feeding the fodder to the media in the rat race, yes, those celebs did attain short-lived fame and attention, but at what cost!

While many celebs encashed the media attention through this unfortunate happening, a few actually stood by Pratyusha's parents through thick and thin and made it a point to fight for justice. One of the few were Kamya Punjabi, Adaa Khan, Shashank Vyas, Vikas Gupta amongst others. What caused the actress to end her life, is still probably a mystery. While the reports state that it was her Boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh's trauma, other reports stated it was due to financial issues. Whatever the reason was, the TV industry sadly lost one of their star performers forever.

Today on the eve of Pratyusha's first year death anniversary, Kamya Punjabi and Nikhat Neerusha, Pratyusha’s parent’s staunch pillar of support in the absence of their daughter, released the last project, a short film of Pratyusha that was shot when she was alive. It was heart breaking to see Pratyusha's grief-stricken parents at the launch of their daughter's final project, tired after their one year struggle for justice and with a ray of hope to see their beloved daughter one last time, though in the reel world.

BFF Kamya and Neerusha released the movie on video platform and made sure it reaches out to a massive number of people, for their only intention behind it was handing over all the income earned by this movie to Pratyusha's parents. But it was disappointing to see no one from the industry, especially Pratyusha’s apparent BFF’s who loved her a lot, mark their presence on their bestie’s prayer meet.

Speaking at the prayer meet, Mr. Bannerjee was heard as saying, “I have nothing to say especially today, just cannot stop thanking Kamya and Neerusha for doing all this today. I salute their friendship with Pratyusha.” On the other hand, the actress’s mother made a statement and urged men to stop harassing women. Getting emotional at the short film launch Mrs. Bannerjee said, “On this eve of Navratri, I just want to say that girls come to their parents’ house, but my daughter will never be able to come. I just want to request all men out there to stop harassing women. And ask women to be strong.”

Talking about the short film, Hum Kuch Keh Naa Sake, it was a mix of both sweet and sour emotions of being able to see the pretty Bong finely put to display her acting talent while alongside, also knowing that this was her last movie ever, during which she hung herself to death. The movie surprises viewers with an uncanny resemblance to Pratyusha's real life story and issues which she was probably facing. Adding more to it, the male lead's name being Rahul in the movie, makes it all the more relatable. It was during the process of filming this movie when Pratyusha committed suicide allegedly after being unable to deal with the trauma led by her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh. Sadly, the climax of the movie couldn't be shot. Apparently, Pratyusha was so involved into the character of the film that she didn’t use glycerin while performing emotional and heart breaking scenes. The actress was definitely pouring her heart and emotions out through her character role.

The lines when Pratyusha says to her reel partner, "Agar tum aaj gaye toh wapas mujhe dekh nahi paaoge" and "Daro mat, main apne aapko khatam nahi karoongi," literally give goosebumps as if the movie is a biopic on Pratyusha. Directed and written by Karan Kashyap, the movie's cinematographer is Shabaz Khan and is produced by Nikhat Neerusha. Kamya Punjabi who essays the role of a narrator in the movie, explains the reel life situations and makes it more relatable to the real life. Her expressions and composed posture, amalgamated with just the touching lines and perfect delivery, adds an emotional wave to the whole movie. The movie also stars actor Nishikant.

We are sure, this one's surely going to bring tears rolling down your cheeks. This wrenches my heart as I penn down this copy...

You still live in our hearts Pratyusha...

Kudos to the team and such brave friends!

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