Rakhi Sawant's top 5 moments from today's press meet will leave you in splits

Rakhi Sawant today held a press conference to talk about the recent controversy concerning her arrest.
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Controversial TV and Bollywood actor Rakhi Sawant recently hit the headlines after reports of her arrest started doing the rounds. An arrest warrant was issued against her by a local court in Ludhiana over her alleged hurtful remarks against the sage Valmiki last year. However, later, the Punjab police refuted rumours of her arrest and made it clear that nothing of that sort has been done as yet. 
The controversy queen today held a press conference to address the air around all the issues. Dressed in hot red pants and beige coloured body-hugging top, Rakhi got candid with the media while making it clear that she has done nothing wrong. 
Well, in case if you missed her press conference, we bring you the top 5 statements made by her:
1. Her demand for high security: Why should I contact the Ludhiana police if I have not done anything wrong. A year back, I had apologized to the Valmiki community but they spoke to me very badly and rudely. They have blackmailed me to come to Ludhiana and they will gang up against me. I trust the Indian government. My bail is not done yet. I want high security and only then will I appear before Court in Ludhiana. 
2: Her distressed call to PM Modi:  I'm irritated. I want to ask Modiji what is happening with the citizens. what is happening with me? I want to request him to help me in this difficult period.
3: When she revealed being best friends with Mika Singh: I'm not guilty of anything. I was only giving an example of Valmiki for my best friend Mika Singh. I had problems with Mika initially but now we are okay with each other. (Remember the Mika Singh-Rakhi Sawant kiss controversy?)
4. When she reminded the media that she is a Bharatiya Naari: I want to ask everybody why are they trying to find me. I'm an Indian girl. Why are people trying to find me? Why are they trying to ask me about something that happened in 2016?
Well, the next point might be genuine and hence we don't consider it in our leave you in splits list.
The Family card: My mom has already suffered a heart attack because of all these controversies. It is affecting my family and my career. 

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she is TOO funny


she is so cute...

She has a die for body

she should run in the elections..:-) she is funny and straight forward...

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