Swami Om- Priyanka Jagga dating to be a part of Nach to Ssara Khan's legal mess, here are 10 TV newsmakers

Sara Khan, Swami Om, Priyanka Jagga took the internet by storm last week.
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Right from the news of Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga dating to be a part of Nach Baliye to Ssara Khan landing up in a legal mess in Pakistan, here are the top 10 news that made headlines last week.

EXCLUSIVE: Bigg Boss 10's Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga DATING to be a part of Nach Baliye 8?

Well and this time for something really odd! A little birdie dropped by this piece of gossip that raised our eyebrows. Apparently, Priyanka Jagga and Swami are seeing each other shares our source. The latest transformation that Swami underwent was nonetheless on the demand of Priyanka. It was her brother who took Swami for the grooming session. It is also stated that Swami is also staying in Priyanka's house.

Wait! Here's more! By the initiative, the two are doing this only to make way into Nach Baliye 8. Remember how Om was desperate to get into the reality show ever since it was announced. He had said that he ddn't need a partner to participate and could perform better and be a tough competition to all other couples on board.

Taking readers down memory lane, remember how Om gave viewers severe trauma with his nasty stints on BB10, and we can still simply vouch for the fact. The self-proclaimed godman made viewers go into a dizzy and disgusted with his antics.

We spoke to Priyanka Jagga who was shocked by this news. she said, "Oh God! I don't know what do I do of such news that keeps coming in. Why will I want to dance with an elderly man. I might as well dance with Hrithik Roshan. And Plus I had already decided to not be a part of Television anymore and had stated the same earlier too. My focus is Bollywood. I have children and a husband and am happy with my family. Why will I even want to be to do all this. I am not interested in dancing in any competition. Its disgusting how people come up with such fake news." Apparently the two were last seen celebrating Holi together. Talking over the same, Priyanka said, "It was a paid event. We were asked to be there together for the event. Earlier, they wanted Manveer to be along with me at the event. But somehow things didn't fall in place and we got Swami on board."


Ssara Khan JAILED in Pakistan?

A little birdie tells us that Sara was jailed for staying back without a visa. Yes, apparently actress was put behind bars.

We immediately called up Ssara, who didn't take any time to shrug off this news calling it as a rumour. "This is the stupidest thing I have come across about me. It's all so untrue," she said. Apparently, she was asked to stay back for legal purposes but was not JAILED. Her spokesperson too stated that they were in touch every day. "She was for sure not jailed. It's not true," said the spokesperson.



EXCLUSIVE: Ssara Khan takes an indirect dig at Kamya Punjabi over Pratyusha Banerjee's prayer meet

While talking to actress Ssara Khan, Pratyusha's best friend, we asked her the reason for her absence from the prayer meet. To which she said that she wasn't in the country and was in Pakistan for shoot. "I myself landed in India a few days later after the prayer meet. That doesn't mean I did not pray for her or did not miss her."

Further expressing her irritation on people commenting on her or Pratyusha's other friend's absence at the prayer meet, Ssara said "If you have something in your heart and want to genuinely pray for someone then you don't need to invite the world for it."  "You can pray for her in your heart too. You don't need to invite the media for it. You don't need to show it to the world that 'look I am doing this for her. I am praying for her etc.

Even I prayed for Pratyusha on my own without showing it to the world. The one's who do all this simply want to get into the limelight. 'Please think about me, feel good about me, I am doing it for Pratyusha and all,' isn't what it should look like. That's not right." "You know, Life goes on. People come and go. Tomorrow even if I go, people will cry for one or two days but then life will go on. People get back to normal lives. They will remember me in their prayers if I done some good deeds and all. But creating an entire issue of this scenario is just not done. I am not interested in such kind of publicity." "I met a few friends of Pratyusha who were invited but couldn't go because they were shooting and had prior important commitments. Nobody did it on purpose. Media is such an industry where I have to perform and get to work even if my grandfather died. It is not easy as it looks like. Being an actor I wish they would have understood rather than creating an issue."


EXCLUSIVE: Kratika Sengar on taking up Nach Baliye: I'll punch the one who tries to jugde my chemistry with my husband Nikitin Dheer

Having said that, fans always have wanted to see the two come out on public platforms and show off their cute chemistry on shows especially like Nach Baliye.  But ask Kratika about it, and she has the best answer.

“Every year, Nach Baliye approaches us. Especially after I got married they have been approaching us even more,” she begins. “You know, it takes a lot of guts to do something like Nach Baliye. I don’t have the guts and I am a little personal when it comes to showing our chemistry publicly. Also when you are there as Kratika and Nikitin, it’s a different thing all together. Playing a character on screen is completely different.”  “Both me and Nikitin are protective when it comes to our relationship. We would not like if someone comes and tells that 'Oh Your chemistry is better with your co-actor than real life husband.' I will break that person's face and will not be able to take that. I am very protective about my relationship.”

The actress further says, “I don’t want to give that leverage to anyone to judge us as a couple. I don’t think I will do Nach Baliye or any couple dance reality show of that sort until and unless I do a proper course in dance training and nail at various dances,” she quips. Ask her if she is comfortable doing a solo dance reality show and Kratika admits that she would love to do it.


Sunil Grover and Karan Patel react on Kapil Sharma's egoistic attitude

Post the reports went viral, Karan Patel took a dig at Kapil and posted a picture on Instagram. He wrote, Kapil Sharma's incident proves that if you want to be LOVED and RESPECTED for LIFELONG and NOT MOMENTARILY ... there jus one simple thing to do .... Head on your shoulders and feet firm on the ground." Even, Sunil tweeted, "My intentions are to act and to entertain with dignity. For me, money can't be the only reason to do something, or not to do something."


Amidst Shilpa Shinde VS Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai controversy, Saumya Tandon to quit the show?

Apparently, the actress is soon to quit her famous Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai. According to our sources, Saumya has not renewed her contract and is keen on quitting her show to focus on some other projects. Saumya was recently in news after being dragged into the Shilpa Shinde VS Benaifer and Sanjay Kohli controversy. Shilpa Shinde had filed a FIR against her last show BhabiJi Ghar Par Hai producer, Sanjay Kohli, for allegedly sexually harassing her during her stint on the show.


Kartik-Naira aka Mohsin Khan-Shivangi Joshi's Suhagrat sequence in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is HOT

Post the wedding, Naira's entry into the Goenka house has already seen the new bride fall into minor troubles. But after all the ups and downs, the gorgeous Naira and Kartik are finally set to consummate their marriage. Seen in a white saree Naira looks gracefully hot while Kartik like always looks handsome. Meanwhile, not just on screens but the two are also head over heels in love with each other in real life as well.


Rohan Mehra & Kanchi Singh sizzle in their first photoshoot together like never before

The two met on the sets of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai where they play the role of cousins. But soon Rohan had to quit the show owing to his participation on Bigg Boss 10. When we asked Rohan about his photoshoot, he very sweetly said, "We did not have pictures, like photoshoot pictures together and we wanted to get one done soon. And you now we have worked together in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, so it wasn't very different but yes we enjoyed facing the camera together after a long time."


Exclusive: Kinshuk Vaidya talks about dating co-star Shivya Pathania: It was love at first sight for me

After choosing to be tight-lipped abut their relationship, Kinshuk finally accepted his relationship with Shivya. We caught up with the handsome actor who spoke at length about his relationship. "It was a love at first sight for me!," says Kinshuk. "Initially, we were co-stars, friends and soon realised that we had developed feelings for one another. We further decided to explore our feelings and go on with the relationship." 

Ask him about what makes him fall in love with Shivya all the more, and he says, "It has to be her confidence undoubtedly. She is an extremely confident girl who knows how to handle her life very well. That makes her the best woman for me."


Sanaya Irani-Mohit Sehgal's score in Nach Baliye 8 will shock you

After the grand opening of Nach Baliye 8, the competition has begun in full fledged. The participating couples have sprung into action and are putting their best feet forward. The first round of the competition apparently will shock you, and why! So otherwise known to be as the cutest couple Sanaya Irani and Mohit Sehgal who love dancing, according to reports have scored the lowest score. While dancing, Mohit apparently forgot his steps and the two were also off sync.They scored a score of 23 out of 30!

In the opening performance, MoNaya, in a short span of two minutes, the two lived their love journey ending the performance with the title track of Varun Dhawan & Alia Bhatt starrer Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya. The two received great compliments from the judges and Mohit Suri also revealed that his grandmother was a huge fan of MoNaya.

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