Shilpa Shinde on Kavita Kaushik: What she said was right, I'm setting a bad example for other girls

Shilpa Shinde reacts to Kavita Kaushik's comments on the sexual harassment controversy.
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Shilpa Shinde who rose to fame with the show Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai and was in headlines last year for quitting the show filed a FIR against producer Sanjay Kohli for sexual harassment. 
Actress Kavita Kaushik, who has also worked with Sanjay Kohli in her hit show FIR, spoke about Shilpa and the controversy with a leading daily. She said, "Being a public figure comes with a certain responsibility. If you are not raising an alarm when your dignity is being violated and are talking about [the molestation] after a year, you are setting a bad example for all women. In the past year, you have not been silent. You’ve been fighting and raising several other issues. If you choose a serious crime like sexual harassment to be your last resort, then that evidently makes its seriousness invalid. You are a vocal and strong woman who is known for her fiery temper and assertive nature in the industry, and there’s nothing wrong with that. So what made you go numb for more than a year to scream out that a man is torturing you? Believe me, women would have stood by you then."
She added, "You are setting a poor example for hundreds of girls out there. You have been quiet for a year, and that’s very uninspiring. The woman card is a precious one if used for the truth. It brings immense power and success. If it is used for a lie, it may give you momentary success, but it brings very dark karma."
When Shilpa was asked about Kavita's comments, she told the daily, "Jitne muh utni baatein (People will talk). People feel I am doing all this for the money or something else. Let me tell you, everyone has different experiences. I had a lot of things going on and I am dealing with it in my own way. It is not easy to talk about such things (sexual harassment). People advise you to keep quiet about it and then say why did you wait for so long? In fact, I want to tell her [Kavita], who said I am setting a bad example for other girls who go through this, that she is right. I shouldn’t have waited. If you wait, then you are blamed for waiting. I want to tell girls, ‘Don’t wait. Talk about it when it happens’. But I also understand why girls hesitate as it is not easy to talk about it."
She added, "What happened to me should never happen to anyone. You (Kohlis) have defamed me, ruined my career and name, put me through hell and now are asking for Rs 12.5 crores. I had a bitter experience and it is unprecedented. No one wants to quit a popular show and I had reached a certain level in my career. I am fighting for a lot of things, including my stuff that I left on the sets."


Better late than never.Ok,she delayed it.but who feels comfortable taking on these issues?Women around the world don't say anything or keep silent for years. Hats off to Shilpa for speaking up.

There are so many instances when women don't speak because of fear and they end up keeping it with themselves. It's never too late to discuss about all this..Kavita has clearly not gone through anything can like this in her life ,goodness for her..but she shouldn't judge other women.

Somehow i feel she is right. She took so long because she had enough.

Kavita should empower other women, not drag them down

sigh,the struggle and probems women face in television industry,instead of lauding them for speaking up other women try to bring them down,sad..

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