Rohan Mehra on dating Kanchi Singh: My relationship isn't for headlines

Rohan Mehra talks about his relationship with Kanchi Singh.
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Telly Ville has umpteen number of adorable couples. One of the cutest ones are Rohan Mehra and Kanchi Singh. The actor, who was recently holidaying in Abu Dhabi, was in news for quite sometime recently after the speculations of issues between him and Kanchi surfaced over the internet. But the actor, chose o end all such rumours before things were blown out of proportion. Rohan took to Instagram  to clear the air. 

He wrote, "My relationship isn't for headlines! Why would I date someone I don't want to marry? I'm lucky to have Kanchi in my life and I would love to someday take the next step with her. No plans for 3-4 years doesn't equal or mean no plans at all and no intent! Let's stop all these speculations and not complicate personal lives! Thank you Kanchi for understanding me all this while! #IncorrectHeadlines#NoMorePersonalQuestionsInMedia#WeAreStrong"  In turn, Kanchi too posted a picture of the two and captioned it 'Togetherness'!  

'ROKA' fans have also taken on to social media saying that they are proud of Rohan to have taken a stance and cleared up the rumors which have been stating that he has no plans to marry Kanchi. Meanwhile, talking to us, Rohan had stated how he is head over heels in love with Kanchi.

When we asked us about their marital plans, he said, "Oh, that will still take time. I mean she's just 21 and I am 27. Marriage can still wait, like for after 4-5 years. I mean, we have met each other parents. My parents like her a lot. They all are very happy with our relation. But marriage can wait."


dont think they will marry

And you are some world famous astrologer?

Yes Roka loves each other a lot and they will surely get married

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