EXCLUSIVE: Ruslaan Mumtaz: Nirali & I get creeped out when not girls but guys send obscene pictures to me

Ruslaan Mumtaz talks about his comeback on TV post Balika Vadhu.
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Think of an actor who is known for his cute looks and impeccable charm and we have the dapper Ruslaan Mumtaz. The actor who  made his classy entry into MTV's Big F season 2, got in a heart-to-heart conversation with us over his professional and personal life.

Tell us something about your role?

I play the role of a cricketer, Tanmay. He is an overconfident lad who feels can get any girl he wants to. Basically he is a Casanova.

How was it working for Big F?

It was a great experience. The channel targets the issues of today and presents it in a very open manner without any hesitancy. That in itself is a great thing. I really like the concept of MTV Big F. It’s something on television that I find very unique. And as a concept MTV has done something really unique and interesting. When the first film was offered to me I was already very excited. The response that the episode garnered and the kind of story it was, when the second story was offered to me I just said yes even before I heard the story.”  

You have been thought several ups and downs in life. How did you deal with them?

One should simply not fear of failure or rejection. I have been upset and annoyed when a project that I was signed for never took off or got shelved, but that is the time when you need to believe in yourself and not feel inferior or less deserving. Plus my wife Nirali has been my staunch pillar of support. She has always believed in me more than I believed in myself.

Talking about Nirali, how has she played a vital role in making you a better person?

Oh, she is probably the sole reason why I feel confident of myself. She has always made it a point to keep me motivated and that kept me going. It's her confidence in me and trust that makes me a better person and stronger one too. She is my pillar of strength.

So any plans of expanding your family?

Laughs! Well I don't know. I shouldn't be saying this I guess but Nirali and I am are not fond of kids much. I remember this instance when a friend of mine had kept his baby with us and the couple left. Nirali and I had a tough time in handling the lil one. We were passing on its responsibility to one another. I don't think we are ready for kids. We still have time.

You have a humongous fan following, especially of females. Tell us something about any weird encounter with fans.

Oh there are many but rather than weird somethings are creepy. It scares me out when not girls but guys send me random obscene pictures on my social media profiles and want a reply or comment on it back. Nirali especially gets irritated and creeped out equally on seeing such things. She keeps wondering why guys do this to me whereas they know I am not into anything of that sort and happily married. Not that I have anything against that community but I am not interested.

I mean its weird and creepy. I don't know how to deal with it. Nirali more than being possessive over girls drooling over me, gets disgusted when guys do such weird things. She is very cool when it comes to my female fan following.

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Weren't there rumors about him being gay?

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