5 times Khichdi’s Hansa got too experimental in the kitchen

Updated on May 09, 2021 12:19 PM IST  |  280.6K
5 times Khichdi’s Hansa got too experimental in the kitchen

If there is one comedy show which can make you laugh at any hour of the day, then it is none other than the family comedy show Khichdi. With an excellent cast of Supriya Pathak, Vandana Pathak, Rajeev Mehta, Anang Desai, and others, the show has been making people laugh for years. It is a story of a crazy family where Hansa is a terrible cook and is often seen creating chaos due to her activities. She is encouraged by her husband whole always gives the wrong explanation of the meaning of English words, making everyone laugh their guts out. In the show, Hansa is shown as a terrible cook but owing to her enthusiasm for cooking, she often ends up making experimental dishes which were a complete disaster. 

Here are 5 times Hansa gave nightmare to house members with her cooking skills-

Chai- In an instance in the show, Hansa decides to make tea for babuji. Hence she brings tea for him which shocks him as it was solid instead of liquid. He asked her why the tea is solid, to which told that she had placed the tea in the fridge overnight. 

Vegetable sandwich- In this episode, Hansa said that she was making a sandwich for babuji and Praful gave it to him. Babuji is shocked to see the bottle guard and whole carrot in front of him. He said what is this, to which he said that bottle guard in vegetable and carrot is vegetable, hence it is a vegetable sandwich. 

Solid idli sambhar and chutney- In the episode, Hansa somehow wins a cooking contest, after which she decides to cook idli chutney for family. But when she brings it to the table, Jayshree brings a hammer with it as it was unbreakable by anyone. 

Blue batata wada- In the episode, Hansa tries her hand in cooking and decides to make batata wada. The whole family gets a shock as she prepares blue batata wada. 

Three spoon- In this episode, Praful asked Hansa to add three spoons of sugar to the tea, hence Hansa takes 3 spoons and puts them in tea. Seeing this the whole family gets shocked at her action.

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