Aashka Goradia & Brent Goble are busy holidaying in France

Love birds Aashka Goradia & Brent Goble are soon to be hitched.

Aashka Goradia and Brent Goble are one of Television's most adorable couples. They won our hearts with their appearance on reality show Nach Baliye. The couple is head over heels in love with each other and is soon to be hitched. Aashka and Brent's jodi is the perfect example of angrezi babu desi mem. 

Aashka Goradia and Brent Goble are currently enjoying their pre wedding holidays in France. The couple looks extremely fresh and is glowing in love. 

Aashka and Brent are all set to have a dual wedding in December and our source informed us, “Aashka and Brent have decided to not only have a traditional Indian wedding but the duo will also be having a White wedding.  The functions will begin with the white wedding, after which the next day there will be a mehendi ceremony, a sangeet ceremony followed by a traditional Indian wedding.”

Aashka too shared details about her dual wedding, saying, “The preparations are on in full swing as the venue, catering, travel, etc are all being planned and worked upon by our families. Brent and I haven’t started our shopping yet but we will begin in October, as the two of us were busy renovating the home we will be living in post marriage.  In fact, not only outfits for us but the outfits for both of our families also need to be made.  I feel blessed as we are getting the best of both worlds and cultures, as our wedding will have traditions from both the East and the West.”  

Credits: Instagram

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Her lips look awful

Now that's an unfortunate looking couple.

She looks way older than him. Wonder what they saw in each other.

Sweet. Now don't be racist, y'all. I'm a white woman and I love Indian men!

This couple look so odd, they won't last at all.

Whoz she

Whoz she

No one is being racist here

they look like the cutest couple ever.. I have always loved Aashka since she played kumud in the tv show back then in a show named kusum.. there is a certain maturity and innocence about her that i never saw in anyone else. years later when i heard about her news i was relieved because she is so much better off. and then heard about brent and I couldnt be more happy for her! Aashka, if you are reading this, then let me tell you - you have chosen an amazing guy. I have watched nach baliye and watched his videos / interviews - he sounds like a really nice guy. You wont find a guy like this out in the West. He is different. Guys like him are considered a great catch out here. All the best my dearie

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