Abhinav Kohli alleges Shweta Tiwari didn't let him meet their son Reyansh; WATCH Video

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Abhinav Kohli alleges Shweta Tiwari didn't let him meet their son Reyansh; WATCH Video

It was back in 2013 that Shweta Tiwari and Abhinav Kohli tied the knot with each other. However, their relationship turned sour after a few years. The two of them have a son named Reyansh. A few months back, Kohli had alleged that his wife Shweta separated him from their son. Earlier, the actress had filed a complaint against him for alleged domestic violence and mental harassment on daughter Palak and the family. He even went to jail following the same.

Recently, Abhinav Kohli has shared a video on social media that has created further controversy. He claims to be standing outside Shweta’s house in the video and alleges that she is not letting him meet Reyansh. He even rings the bell and bangs on the door while stating that the actress, Palak, and three servants are inside the house but not letting him in. Kohli further said that he recently met Reyansh and was happy about it. However, he also added that the latter looked scared.

Check out a screenshot of the video below:

Apart from that, he has shared a screenshot of his message to Shweta Tiwari that reads, “I came nobody responded where is the baby. I called you why didn't you pick up. Have you closed the baby in the room? Have you put him in jail. You just now made me meet him and now again vanished. Is he with you or have you locked him inside. Why are you torturing the poor guy? You will ruin him like this.”   

Check out the message below:




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Anonymous : Go for councilling! The kids are the victims because grown ups are acting like children.
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