Addite and Mohit Malik on son’s first Diwali: ‘With Ekbir, the occasion has become more festive’

Updated on Nov 05, 2021 12:52 PM IST  |  121.1K
Mohit and Addite Malik diwali
Addite and Mohit Malik on son’s first Diwali: ‘With Ekbir, the occasion has become more festive’

It is the festival of Diwali today and people all over the country celebrate the festival with great enthusiasm. Mohit Malik and his wife Addite Shirwaiker Malik embraced parenthood this year and their son will be celebrating his first Diwali. The couple's son was born on 27 April this year. The couple shared in an interview with Etimes TV about their elaborate plans to light diyas, prepare sumptuous dishes and celebrate the five days with family and friends at home. 

Talking about the festival, Mohit says, “It is very difficult to find traditional clothes for a baby, but my designer friend has designed a dress for Ekbir. Three of us will colour-coordinate... it will either be yellow or red clothes for us. We will do Lakshmi puja at home. Now, Ekbir has started eating a bit, so we will prepare kheer with jaggery and try to get him to taste that. After 10 years, we have been blessed with a child and we are all so happy. I also feel it is important to inculcate good values and teach him to not nurse grudges against anyone.”

Mohit also shared his wishlist for Diwali that he hopes to do well professionally, enjoying fatherhood with his little one and praying for good health.

Addite also shared her views about Diwali celebrations, she said, “We enjoy doing up the entire house with diyas, and with Ekbir, the occasion has become more festive. The way he smiles and jumps on me when I am around is overwhelming, something I have never experienced before. I feel that with diyas and lights around, all negativity vanishes and I hope that everyone’s homes keep illuminating like this forever. This Diwali is even more special as it is our son’s first. Ekbir enjoyed the Ganpati festival and doing aartis with us and now he will enjoy Diwali, too.”

Mohit also shared that after Addite’s father passed away a few months back, his mother-in-law moved in with them. He said that’s the best thing to have happened to them because it is great to have a grandparent play with their grandchild and explain to them all the traditions and rituals during Diwali.

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