Addite Malik is in awe of Mohit Malik as he transcends from ‘pampered husband to a dutiful father’; SEE PICS

Addite Malik is delighted to see her husband taking care of the baby and she feels she is falling in love with him all over again.
Mohit Malik Addite Malik is in awe of Mohit Malik as he transcends from ‘pampered husband to a dutiful father’; SEE PICS
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The charming couple Addite Malik and Mohit Malik were recently blessed with a baby boy. The couple is immensely delighted with the entry of their bundle of joy in their life. They are presently enjoying quality time with their newborn. The new mother Addite is overjoyed with the way Mohit is taking care of the baby and her. She is highly impressed with his skills Mohit in efficiently handling the baby, her, and the whole house in this difficult situation. 

The actress took to social media as she shared the picture of Mohit taking care of their little baby. She also penned a heartfelt note in the caption as she wrote, “I had always heard that a child brings two people closer…but in the last few days, I’ve truly felt this! My respect and love for @mohitmalik1113 have only grown as I’m in awe of the way he has been looking after our baby, after me as well as the whole house. From being a pampered husband to a dutiful father, I’m just surprised at how well he has been managing everything, especially in times like these in the pandemic when it’s all much more challenging. I see him checking in our baby every so often, taking care of him and I feel I’m falling in love with you Mohit once again, over and over again…….#ABlessedMom #ABlessedWife #Gratitude #ThankYouUniverse."

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In an exclusive chat with BT, Mohit Malik said that he and his wife are very excited about becoming parents. He said that when the doctor came with the baby, he felt like it was a dream world. He was delighted that how suddenly a baby boy came into his life and now the baby is his. He feels extremely blessed and responsible for the entry of the baby into his life. He was also happy that the baby was born on Hanuman Jayanti.

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