Aditya Narayan BREAKS his silence on tying the knot with Neha Kakkar on Indian Idol 11; Says 'It was for fun'

Aditya Narayan has finally opened up about his marriage with Neha Kakkar on the sets of Indian Idol 11. Here's what he said.
Aditya Narayan BREAKS his silence on tying the knot with Neha Kakkar on Indian Idol 11; Says 'It was for fun' Aditya Narayan BREAKS his silence on tying the knot with Neha Kakkar on Indian Idol 11; Says 'It was for fun'
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It is Valentine's Day today, the day when rumoured couple Neha Kakkar and Aditya Narayan were supposed to tie the knot. Since almost a month now, the couple has been making headlines for their big wedding. Some days back, a video of Aditya and Neha tying the knot on the sets of Indian Idol 11 went viral on social media, leaving the fans in a frenzy. In the video, Aditya dressed in a sherwani and is seen making arrangements for the wedding. While everyone is still confused as to what is actually happening, Aditya has finally broken his silence on the drama. In an interview with International Business Times India, Aditya spilled the beans on his marriage with Neha on the show.  

When asked about the truth of Neha and his marriage on Indian Idol 11, Aditya was surprised by the reactions he getting. In a sarcastic way Aditya said that if he was going to take such a big decision of his life, then he definitely wouldn't be announcing it himself. He added that getting married is definitely a big news and something that he wouldn't hide it from the world. Spilling the beans about him tying the knot with Neha on the show he said that it was something which began as fun. However, it went on to  become too serious and ultimately went out of control. Further he added that a lot has been happening on social media, but this is all not real and fake. 

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Aditya also vented out his anger on the media for spreading the rumours around. He revealed that no person from the media has ever approached him or Neha to know whether the wedding is true or just a rumour. Aditya said, only if the reporters did reach out to us, the truth have had been revealed long back. Asked if all these were merely speculations, Aditya said that when who actors get married on-screen, one cannot expect them to bear children in real-life too. Giving a logical explanation, Aditya mentioned that whatever is going on, it is on-screen and only a part of the reality show. He said that they do as the makers ask them to do, and it is all for fun purposes. All such things happen to boost TRP of the show. 

Well, so it is crystal clear that #NehAditya are only a on-screen couple, and not a real-life one. This might have left many fans hearts broken, but they sure do share a great bond. What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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How cheap! Anything even if it is cringeworthy to boost the TRPs.

Anything for cheap publicity and Horrible

Anything for cheap publicity and Horrible

All Nonsense !
Making fun to earn may lead to a disastrous end !
Too cheap guys !

They should make this drama a reality.

cheap publicity

Cheap people

What could be expected from BHAND club people..

Disgusting Singing Competition stage became A Joke Stage for Just for fun

What a stupid gimmick! This is an insult to the holy institution of marriage!

I am going to stop watching this show now!!What a horrible stupid gimmick, insulting the institution of marriage

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