After Rhea's interviews, Sushant Singh Rajput's pal Mahesh Shetty says 'People can defend, truth will prevail'

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After Rhea's interviews, Sushant Singh Rajput's pal Mahesh Shetty says 'People can defend, truth will prevail'

Sushant Singh Rajput passed away on June 14, 2020, leaving the entire nation in a state of shock. The actor's untimely and unfortunate demise in mysterious circumstances has been investigated thoroughly by officials. Initially, the Mumbai Police took charge of Sushant's death case, however, it was later transferred to the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) by the Supreme Court. The CBI is probing many angles and calling people close to Sushant for interrogation. However, the late actor's girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty has been the prime accused, after Sushant's family filed an FIR against her. 

Rhea who had kept her distance from the media, recently came out to share her version and extensively spoke to a few news channels. In the interviews, the actress spoke at length about everything in connection with Sushant's death case, and also made some revelations. From her relationship with Sushant to her leaving the late actor's apartment on June 8, from the movie mafia angle to the drug conspiracy to the depression narrative Rhea spoke about many things in her interviews. 

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Now, after Rhea's interviews, Sushant Singh Rajput's Pavitra Rishta co-star and good friend Mahesh Shetty has taken to his social media handle to share a strong note. Taking to his Instagram story, Mahesh wrote, 'People who are here can defend themselves, and eventually, the truth will prevail.' The actor further asked everyone to respect Sushant, and wrote, 'But let's not lose our dignity and defame the departed.' 

Take a look at Mahesh Shetty's post here: 

Meanwhile, in the latest Rhea Chakraborty was snapped as she arrived at the DRDO guest house where the CBI SIT team is staying. She arrived there with her brother Showik Chakraborty for questioning by the CBI. 

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Anonymous : what is the truth that has to prevail? does anyone know anything? everyone is coming up with their own theories. If Mahesh Shetty knows something concrete he needs to say it because his fans are really hurting.
REPLY 2 11 months ago
Anonymous : Beautifully said.
REPLY 3 11 months ago
Anonymous : If his close friends knew anything even a little bit ,something that he could not tell his family, you guys should have taken him out of there. I can't imagine how he was trapped inside that house with such horrible people.
REPLY 8 11 months ago
Anonymous : He's taking the family's side coz it's safe .otherwise the mob will put him also on the accused list .
REPLY 8 11 months ago
Anonymous : He is the only true friend :( Hope sushant gets justice
REPLY 10 11 months ago
Anonymous : If only she had come to stay with Sushant after his sister left. If he knew everything.
REPLY 6 11 months ago
Anonymous : Grief? What are you guys on? Oh were you trying to say guilt?
REPLY 1 11 months ago
Anonymous : What can she do. She is in the anger stage of grief now.
REPLY 4 11 months ago
Anonymous : If ssr family can constantly post things on media then so can Rhea . Until now she’s not proved guilty . And the media has made everyone into accused since day one , Johar / Khan / Chopra / Thackeray etc etc . So let’s not go by what the media says and just wait for cbi inquiry
REPLY 12 11 months ago