Aly Goni's sister REACTS to his outburst against Kavita for 'baap' comment; Is 'shocked' on BB nominating him

Aly Goni's sister Ilham Goni has opened up about her brother's violent reaction to Kavita Kaushik's 'main tumhari baap hoon' comment, which led to him being nominated by Bigg Boss as a part of the punishment. Read on.
Aly Goni's sister REACTS to his outburst against Kavita for 'baap' comment; Is 'shocked' on BB nominating him
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Bigg Boss 14 viewers saw the 'ugliest fight' in the house so far, between Aly Goni and Kavita Kaushik. From the beginning, the two don't seem to see each other eye to eye, but a major brawl broke out between them sending shock waves across. It all happened when Kavita mouthed the words, 'Main tumhari baap hoon' to Aly during a spat, and the latter lost his cool. 

From hurling abuses to damaging BB property to warning Kavita, Aly showed his most aggressive side and went violent. The fight was so nasty that Bigg Boss had to intervene, and punished Aly by nominating him for another week. Now, Aly's sister Ilham Goni has reacted to his brother's outburst, and nominations. She said that Aly was bound to react if somebody provoked him in such a manner. Ilham shared that Aly is a 'short-tempered' person, and if someone instigates him, then he will react. She also claimed that in Kavita and Aly's fight, it was a clear case of provocation by the former. 

'She (Kavita) could have started the task with somebody else, but because her terms are not good with Aly, she started with him. She started calling him gunda and irritating him, that's not right, express Ilham.  

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Ilham also felt that Kavita by the end of it all had maybe realised that she was at fault, and thus tried to talk it out with Aly. 'I guess she felt that she was over-reacting that's why she came for reconciliation later. The other housemates also agreed that she shouldn't have used the phrase 'Main tera baap hun', and also that anyone would have reacted in the same way, shared Aly's sister. She said that might be that was the reason that Kavita went to speak to Aly nicely after the ruckus, and shared that she wants to maintain peace in the BB 14 house. 

However, Ilham was left 'shocked' with Bigg Boss' decision to nominate Aly for another week because of his anger. Citing examples of Eijaz and Kavita's fight, wherein the latter had 'pushed' the actor, Ilham said that several housemates have done things in anger. But that time BB did not go to the extent of nominating the guilty contestant. 

'When Kavita had pushed Eijaz, and Bigg Boss gave Aly the power to either warn her or take away her right to participate in the next captaincy task, he chose to warn her. I guess this time Bigg Boss had to do it because Kavita kept on talking about it for a very long time. But I still feel he could have been punished in a different way. Nominating him was not right, expressed Aly's elder sister Ilham. 

Lastly, Ilham also shared that she was not shocked or surprised by Kavita saving her rival Eijaz Khan and nominating Aly during the recent pinjra task. 'I was expecting it. Kavita has that rage for Aly. We knew that when it came to choosing between Aly and her friend Nikki Tamboli, she would have saved Nikki,' concluded Ilham. 

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