Anita Hassanandani on leaving industry during the pandemic: ‘I want to be at home with my kid’

Anita Hassanandani talks about the new priorities in her life as her work takes a backseat. Shares she was also sure about this decision.
Anita Hassanandani leaves TV industry Anita Hassanandani on leaving industry during the pandemic: ‘I want to be at home with my kid’
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The charming actress Anita Hassanandani is immensely loved on television screens. She has a huge fan following on social media and has an impeccable fashion sense. The actress became a mother of a baby boy in February this year. She is enjoying her time with the newborn and often shares pictures and videos with him. Anita talked to ETimes TV as she shared that she has taken a break from work. 

The Naagin 5 actress shared that she is not planning to return to television shows. She said that she had already decided that whenever she will have a child, she will let go of her work and just focus on her kid. She added, “So it's not about the pandemic, I would have either way left the industry, pandemic or no pandemic. I want to be at home with my kid.”

Talking about her leaving acting career forever, she said that work is the last thing on her mind right now. She also said that she is not sure when she will be back on TV screens. Anita added that she is doing some work on social media because of the contracts she had signed. She said that she is working from home and that it's stress-free. The Ye Hai Mohabbatein actress also said that only one camera person comes to her home and they are also tested before entry.

Sharing about her return to TV, she said, “But getting back on a full-fledged set of a TV show, I don’t know when that will happen. But I am sure when I decide to get back, people will get to know."

For now, the gorgeous actress has completely dedicated herself to her son and is happy that her husband is also there in the growing years of their baby. "It is a very crucial phase of the child when he is growing up, and it will never come back again. I am glad that Rohit spends a lot of time with Aaravv bonding with him. Rohit being at home right now is a great thing for both Aaravv and me,” Anita remarked.

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