Ankita Lokhande after the breakup with Sushant Singh Rajput says, 'I am still waiting for my prince charming'

Ankita Lokhande opens up on her break-up with Sushant Singh Rajput and how it affected her and her work. The actor will be making her Bollywood debut with Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi.
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Ankita Lokhande and Sushant Singh Rajput once made for a lovely couple. The Pavitra Rishta stars parted ways two-and-a-half years ago. While rumors of Sushant getting into another relationship soon spread like a wildfire, Ankita dealt with the heartbreak differently and took a sabbatical from work before signing Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi which also marks her debut in Bollywood. 

In an interview with DNA, the actor opened up about how the break-up changed her personality and how it hasn't deterred her from believing in love. 

"Back then, I was trying to be a homemaker and doing a very big job," Ankita said and added that her break-up did no affect her profession but she wasn't able to balance love and work. "When I was working, I was satisfied; when I wasn’t, I was still happy. I’m okay with whatever I do. Aisa kabhi nahin tha ki mujhe yeh chahiye ya woh chahiye. I decided to take a break because I was happy with that then. It was not just for myself. I guess, the Universe wanted me to get back professionally, which is why I’m here now. I won’t say the break-up affected my profession, though. Love and work are two separate things. You need to balance them and I’ll say I wasn’t able to do that," she added. 

She also added that the entire episode helped her learn to love herself more than anything else. She continued that to her love is now her job as she wants to channelize all her energy towards it for that makes her happy. However, she added that that doesn't mean there is no space for relationships in her life. She said, "Of course, there is! (smiles) I’m still waiting for my prince charming (laughs). But I’m not consciously looking for a man. I’m done with that! I don’t need a man to reach somewhere in life. I’d rather have awards."

Earlier rumours of her alleged marriage were to doing the rounds. About that, Ankita said "There are no marriage plans right now. Like I said, I’m still waiting for my prince charming."

She also opened on maintaining silence about her break-up and reiterated, "Obviously, it affects you a lot. You don’t know what’s happening with you but it’s all there in the papers. However, I actually feel it makes you stronger. Today, I don’t feel anything. That’s it. Whatever the things were, my family and friends were with me."

She further added that while she has no problem staying in touch with her exes, she hasn't really been in touch with Sushant as she was busy with her work. 

This Day That Year


Wow she is already 33!!!



Stay strong'll be more famous than any of your exes... soon :)

She looks like desi version of olivia munn

Hope she gets all the happiness in the world.

So ordinary

SSR will get his karma.

He already got!!! Kriti Sanon

Kriti is a much much better human being than Ankita will ever be. And unlike Ankita she doesn't still live in her ex's house with his dog and awards and claims to be independent lol

Kriti is a very nice girl. Far more than Ankita will ever be. Ankita should stop using her ex's name for cheap publicity and concentrate on her work and new bf Vicky Jain.

Sleep with countless men and still wait for prince charming...story of bollywood

I never get it, why bollywood actresses so obsessed with their exes. DP, Kat, this one. Yes, you had a boyfriend. Yes, he dumped you. So what? Was he your husband or what? If not, he has every right to move over you and find another love. Just be grateful for the days that you were happy together.

Sometimes it's for publicity, and sometimes it is actually difficult to get over a past relationship. Be it Bollywood and normal people like us; especially if you were in a relationship for many years.

Girls in that particular age group were raised when society was transitioning from girls being raised only for marriage, to girls wanting more, and more importantly, being "allowed" more. At that time the goal of Prince Charming was in most girls' heads as the ultimate. The reality is that not everyone gets their "Prince" in life. You may sometimes get them then lose them. The thing to teach people today is that, its okay to hope for a soulmate, but not make it the absolute goal of your life. If it happens, fantastic, if it doesn't there is so much richness in life to appreciate and find contentment in.

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