Anupamaa SPOILER UPDATE: Vanraj forced to oust Kavya from his home for Pakhi

Pakhi returns home on the condition that Kavya does not enter Shah house till the divorce is finalized. Kavya makes plans to avenge her insult.
Vanraj, Kavya Anupamaa SPOILER UPDATE: Vanraj forced to oust Kavya from his home for Pakhi
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The TV show Anupamaa is garnering the interest of the audience on a large scale because of its unique storyline and drama. The recent plot of the show revolves around the lives of the problems faced by Anupamaa and her husband due to the entry of Kavya into the Shah house. Kavya acts traumatised by the molestation attack on her, following which Anupamaa brings her to Shah house. But with the return of Pakhi to her house, everything gets disturbed. 

Pakhi, the daughter of Anupamaa feels betrayed by her parents when she sees Kavya in her home. She starts screaming and crying, after which Samar takes her to Nandini’s house. Pakhi lays a condition for returning home. She asks Vanraj to have the last few months of family time and tells him to make Kavya leave his home. Anupamaa takes the decision that she will not leave her house till the divorce and Kavya will not enter the house before the divorce. Vanraj agrees with her for the sake of his daughter Pakhi.

This sends Kavya fuming as she says that she feels disrespected and she will return again and that time no one will be able to remove her. In another scene, she is seen in Nandini’s house as she gets jealous of Anupamaa for throwing her out of the house. To this, Nandini tells her that she was ousted because of her actions and asks her to understand their point of view.

In a later scene, Kavya calls Vanraj and asks him to meet her, but he refuses to go to Nandini’s house. She says at least he can drop her at the office, to which he agrees. But Pakhi comes from inside and asks him to drop her at school and Anupamaa in mid-way. This creates a dilemma for Vanraj.

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