Arti Singh REVEALS she spoke to Ankita Lokhande after Sushant Singh Rajput's demise: She needs her space

Bigg Boss 13 fame Arti Singh recently opened up about Sushant Singh Rajput's demise, her conversation with Ankita Lokhande after the late actor's passing away, and her battle with depression.
Arti Singh REVEALS she spoke to Ankita Lokhande after Sushant Singh Rajput's demise: She needs her spaceArti Singh REVEALS she spoke to Ankita Lokhande after Sushant Singh Rajput's demise: She needs her space
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It has been three weeks since Sushant Singh Rajput left us. The actor allegedly committed suicide at his apartment in Bandra (Mumbai) on June 14, 2020. The young and talented actor's sudden demise has sent shockwaves across the country, and everyone is still finding it difficult to come to terms with the fact that Sushant is no more between us. According to police and post mortem reports, the Pavitra Rishta actor passed away due to asphyxia due to hanging, however, no suicide note was found at his residence. Police investigations have been on. People close to the late actor have are being summoned by the Mumbai Police for interrogation. 

Sushant's demise has left a void that cannot be filled. His fans and loved ones are mourning his death. Sushant's ex-girlfriend Ankita Lokhande, who was also his former co-star in Pavitra Rishta is left devastated. She also was seen visiting the late actor's residence to meet his family. Recently, in a conversation with the Times of India, Arti Singh who is a close friend of Ankita revealed that she spoke to the actress after Sushant's demise to check on how she is keeping up after the grave loss. 

Arti said that it was through Ankita that she knew Sushant, and he was a very nice and motivating person. The former Bigg Boss 13 contestant also added that she had a talk with Ankita to see if she is fine, and said that Anikta needs her time and space. 

Arti was quoted saying, 'I had known Sushant through Ankita (Lokhande) only. He was a very nice guy and was very motivating. I have spoken to Ankita and asked her if she is fine. Ankita needs her space and I want to give her that.' 

The Dil Bechara actor's passing away has opened up discussions about mental health and depression. The Waaris actress also opened up about her battle with depression. She said that she is not an expert in the subject of mental health, however, there were times when she had everything in her professional life but was still broken inside. She revealed that people around her did not come to know about it until she began showing on her face. However, she said that she was blessed to have people with whom she could talk to and share things and open up about the happenings in her life. She expressed that her loved ones stood by her like a rock and didn’,t judge her. 

Arti mentioned, 'A depression patient has to really pull himself to get out of the situation. Of course, people will listen to us, but in the end we have to help ourselves.' 

Anonymous 2 months ago

We miss you Sushant sir forever..........plz #govtofmaharashtra #uddhavsarkar #CBIEnquiryForSushant #pmmodijusticemustfor sushant

Anonymous 3 months ago

There should be a CBI enquiry

Anonymous 3 months ago

It was an evident murder. No doubt. Justice for Sushant to be given. Investigators need to be more prompt and quick in action before all evidences get destroyed.

Anonymous 3 months ago

Yes SSR murdered as a person like him cannot commit suicide without hints to anyone police should thoroughly interrogate his servants who may spill the truth

Anonymous 3 months ago

Depression is made up story. He was murdered.

Anonymous 3 months ago

You are correct he was murdered nothing else but murder but it seems money buys ones life n the culprits are never punished it is only money that is talking if not why it is not being cleared by owning up he was murdered n not giving the culprits their due punishment come on everyone be honest with Sushant but God is above n you people who are overlooking this your money won’t buy justice above be human honesty pays not money.

Anonymous 3 months ago

SSR was murdered.

Anonymous 3 months ago

sometimes you have to hold them up for a while with unconditional love and patience when they are depressed so that they can pull themselves together. Just do not leave them during this time whether you intend to stay for the long haul or not. there is a sense of self-responsibility but during the depression, your energy is used for just being able to get through the day. with love and patience from someone, you can pull yourself up. just do not abandon them during that phase. just be around them.

Anonymous 3 months ago

How do you know if he left her or she left him? It came in the news long back that he had left her cos of his alleged relationship with Kriti Sanon at that time. Also, to blame the ones close to him is a very wrong thing to do. They are as it is hurt beyond measure and then there are people like you who go around claiming how depressed patients need to be loved and not abandoned. The person above me has responded accurately. If medications are not taken on time, there's very little a loved one can do to "improve" someone's mood, especially, if they have extreme depression. Having said that, I understand the value of having loved ones close by and it helps. However, such generic posts are in poor taste and are usually passive-aggressive in nature as they tend to blame others without any proof.

Anonymous 3 months ago

Definitely right. But its difficult to follow through. Constantly keeping the person in depression in good spirits or motivating him/her also puts a toll on the other person. Plus, if the person in depression does not show any progress, doesn't take regular medication or constantly pushes you away, then it becomes very difficult to handle.

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