Balika Vadhu fame Aasiya Kazi on her weight loss: I didn't do it because I didn't like something about my body

Balika Vadhu actor Aasiya Kazi lost oodles of weight in about a year. She is set to back on TV after a sabbatical of two years with the show, Mere Papa Hero Hiralaal.
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Balika Vadhu fame Aasiya Kazi is back on the tube after two years with the show Mere Papa Hero Hiralaal. The actor is back with a new look as she has shed about 10 kilos and looks fitter than ever.
When Aasiya was asked about the same, she stated, "I believe I've utilized my sabbatical of sorts to the maximum. I practically worked continuously for the last many years. I didn't care about being in the best of shape, I'm not obsessed with weight loss either. I'm a foodie & will not starve & lose my sleep over a few kilos. I just had more free time during my break & I would workout often. I didn't do it because I didn't like something about my body, I lost weight because I did an activity I didn't regularly do earlier. I've been receiving compliments and I feel better inside out. It is a part of my lifestyle now."
When asked about her fitness regime, Kazi said, "I feel everybody is different, I mostly do leg workout and weight training every day, But since I am shooting currently I have stopped going to the gym as I have lost tremendous weight in past one year  and  I am not following any particular diet, in fact, i love junk food and I can never do diet. I just make sure that I eat everything in proportion, even now I eat french fries, burger, pizzas but then I make sure that I burn all my extra calories during my workout. Also, I feel legs workout is the most helpful and the most irritating workout but that has helped me to get fast results. I eat well post workout, so I add eggs, grilled veggies and chicken in my diet. In the night I make sure that I avoid eating rice because I am very fond of rice so I make sure that I eat something light before I go to bed. But majorly whatever transformation you can see its all because of a hardcore workout."
Aasiya has been a part of shows where she played positive roles. But in Mere Papa Hero Hiralaal, her character will have shades of grey.

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