BB 14 Live Updates: November 4 Episode Latest News and Update: Pavitra, Eijaz fight; Aly enters for Jasmin

Bigg Boss 14 has been witnessing some high voltage drama as the fights and arguments are getting intensified by every passing day.
BB 14 Live Updates: November 4 Episode Latest News and Update: Pavitra, Eijaz fight; Aly enters for Jasmin
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The new episode of Bigg Boss 14 witnessed the Weekend Ka Vaar dhamaka wherein Salman Khan will be reviewing the performance of the contestants in the house. So far, we have seen that wild card contestants have taken over the house. The BB house took a massive turn wherein Eijaz Khan and Kavita Kaushik’s friendship turned sour and the contestants in the red zone was swapped with ones in the green zone. Here are the live updates from the show from the episode:

November 4, 2020 (Written Update): 

11: 40 PM: The third round begins. Abhinav and Jasmin throw Shardul, who was playing as Eijaz's representative, out of the game. Rahul tells Pavitra to play wisely, as Rubina and Naina will support Abhinav. The fourth round begins, Rubina becomes the sanchalak. Jaan and Nikki try to irritate (distract) Abhinav, but Rubina gets annoyed. Rubina accuses Jaan and Nikki of interrupting the task unnecessarily. Jaan and Rubina get into a heated argument, as they raise voices. Lastly, Pavitra pushes Abhinav out of the orbit, and he gets out of the round. Rubina is upset with Pavitra betraying Abhinav again. 

11: 30 PM: The task begins, and the red zone members plan to play their game against the contestants. All the contestants target Shardul in the first round, but Nikki falls off the orbit first and is out of the captaincy race. Jasmin puts all efforts. She convinces Abhinav to help her, promising that she will get Rubina out of the red zone. On the other hand, Rahul talks about Eijaz's game plan and how the dynamics change with each passing day. The second round begins and Nikki tries to create hurdles for other contestants to help Pavitra and Jaan. But, Abhinav pushes Jaan out of the orbit and gets out of the captaincy race. Jaan and Eijaz get into a spat. 

11: 20 PM: Eijaz calls up Aly through the phone, and clarifies her stance for saving Jasmin over Pavitra. Aly listens to him carefully and understands his point. Eijaz also talks about his spat with Pavitra in the morning, and vents out his angst. Later, Bigg Boss announces the captaincy task. As per the task, the contestants have to rotate on some given orbits around the sun, just like planets. The one who survives till the end of the task will be the captain of the task. One-by-one, the red zone members will become sanchalaks. After the task is announced, contestants start planning and plotting to win the captaincy task. Shardul becomes Eijaz's representative as he is hurt, and declares that he will play the game fairly, giving his 100%. Other contestants are not quite happy with Shardul's 'fair play' mindset. 

11: 10 PM: After having a heart to heart talk with Jasmin, Aly also has a conversation with Pavitra. He tells her to not get influenced by others, and play her game as she did initially because he knows and believes that she is a strong player. Shardul and Naina are happy for Jasmin as her BFF Aly has finally come for her. Jasmin and Aly then continue their conversation and talk about Eijaz saving her over Pavitra. Aly reveals that Eijaz might be playing a game here, and he feels bad for Pavitra as she was ditched by Eijaz. Later, Aly and Nikki get into a fun-banter, and he tells that they should do 'healthy flirting' in the show. 

11: 00 PM: Jasmin and Eijaz talk about his ugly fight with Pavitra. He reveals that he saved Jasmin because he wanted to, Pavitra interferes in their conversation, and they get into a brawl again. Pavitra calls Eijaz 'nakli' and says that he deserved what he got from her. Later, Jasmin tells Pavitra to promise her that she will never enter into such a nasty fight with Eijaz. Pavitra opens her heart out to Jasmin and reveals why she is hurt. Amidst all this, the housemates receive a surprise as they find a phone in a room, and the song 'Tera Hone Laga Hoon' plays. Aly Goni enters the house, and Jasmin Bhasin is uber excited. Bigg Boss that Aly has stepped in the house as a wild card to support Jasmin, and welcomes him. BB reveals that Aly will be quarantined in a separate room until orders, and Jasmin will take all her decisions for the day only after discussing with Aly. The two get into a detailed conversation over the phone kept on the two sides. Aly talks about Jasmin's stint in the game so far and advises her to be strong. The duo also discusses their strategy in the show now. 

10: 45 AM: Pavitra and Eijaz get into an argument, as the former points out at his captaincy. Pavitra calls Eijaz 'ehsaan faramosh and girgit' and she taunts that he is the captain only because of her. The tension between gets intense, as Pavitra gets physically violent against him. She hits Eijaz with her arm and the two yell on top of their voice. Pavitra continues her rant against Eijaz, and shares that she stood with Eijaz when everyone was against him. Nikki, Jasmin, and Jaan try to calm Pavitra down, and as they feel Eijaz is provoking her. The two keep screaming and shouting on top of their voices. Rubina and Rahul talk about Pavitra and Eijaz's equation and say that their love angle is not real but for the game. Pavitra tells that Eijaz is trying to copy Sidharth Shukla, but he can never be like the BB 13 winner. 

10: 30 PM: The episode begins with the housemates waking up to a new day with SRK's song 'Chaand Taare Tod Lau.' Nikki talks to Pavitra about Jaan as the latter makes tea. Jaan enters the conversation and clarifies Nikki's doubt. Rahul and Nikki talk about the spat they had during the nomination task. While Nikki tries to explain her stance in the nominations task, and also ask Rahul if he misses her. In the kitchen area, Eijaz talks about his past injuries to Abhinav, and Jasmin reveals that she remembers Eijaz as a romantic hero of TV. In the red zone, Naina tells Rubina about Eijaz's plan trying to be close to Abhinav now. Later, Pavitra cleans the BB mall, and Eijaz asks if she needs help, but she denies it. 

11:40 PM: Eijaz and Jaan get into an argument yet again over the captaincy task.

11: 10 PM: Pavitra has an emotional breakdown as Nikki tries to console her. Rubina convinces Abhinav to take the oxygen mask and gets nominated. By the end of task, Rubina, Rahul, Shardul and Naina get nominated.

10:50 PM: Nikki and Rahul get into an argument during the task where Nikki puts the oxygen masks inside her pants which leads to Rahul getting angry and later emotional. Everyone in the house calls out Nikki for her indecent behaviour. 

10:45 PM: The nomination task begins. Eijaz being the captain is immuned to it and is given the authority to save one contestant and he chooses Jasmin. This leaves Pavitra distraughted. Later, the nomination task begins where two contestants have to come face to face and tell why they deserve the oxgyen mask to survive. When the buzzer rings, the contestant with the oxgyen mask will be saved while the other will be in red zone. 

10:41 PM: Eijaz and Jaan have a small argument after Eijaz rewards Abhinav. Eijaz tells Niki that he doesn’t see the intention in Jaan to impress the captain. Later, Nikki and Jaan discuss the same. 

10:35 pm: Jasmin tells Eijaz that he is an extremist. The latter tells her to not use that word for him as it triggers him. Abhinav explains to Jasmin that Eijaz has had experiences and hence doesn’t prefer being said certain words. Jasmin clarifies that whatever she said was not with bad intentions. 

10:30 PM: The episode starts with contestants waking up and Nikki being rewarded with a pair of night suit by the captain for serving him.

11:55 PM: Bigg Boss announces that Kavita got the least amount of votes and hence has been evicted along with Nishant from the house.

11:35: Except for Naina, everyone votes for Nishant and he is asked to leave the house. 

11:30 PM: Bigg Boss announces double eviction to happen. If the housemates vote tally with audience then only one person will be ousted out of the house but if it doesn’t then two contestants will be shown the door. The housemates vote begins.

11:10 PM: Rubina and Nishant discuss eliminations. Nishant says he will regret not doing a physical task one last time if he gets eliminated. Rubina tells that she thinks she is a winner even if she gets evicted today.

11 PM: Naina refuses to cook breakfast because of her fight with Eijaz. Later, Pavitra, Abhinav and Nikki tell eijaz to ensure breakfast is made and this leads to a huge argument yet again. 

10:50 PM: It is next day and yet again Eijaz and Nikki discuss Jaan over green tea matter. Eijaz later sits down with Jaan and Naina and discuss this. As part of punishment, all luxury items are confiscated from Jaan and Naina’s cigarette box if given to Jaan. This move irks Naina and she ends up exploding in front of Eijaz. 

10: 40 PM: Nikki and Jaan discuss Naina taking latter’s green tea after Shardul calls out the ones who did not wash their utensils after drinking tea. Nikki tries to make Jaan understand that this is against BB rules and he must take care of it. Eijaz and gang discusses what to do about the situation as it might affect captaincy. 

10:35 PM: Eijaz and Pavitra bicker about the house duties. Later Kavita tries to sort out differences with Eijaz and apologises for her words but the duo later get into an argument about his ego. However, things do seem to get between the two. 

10:30 PM: Jasmin speaks to Rahul and apologises for her over the top reaction during the task. She explains that maybe she perceived the situation differently but also mentioned that Rahul’s complete ignorance to her situation was hurtful. Rahul apologises to her and the two mend their differences.

November 1, 2020 (written update): 

10: 45 PM: The red zone contestants, talk about Nikki and Eijaz's fight. Kavita is 'upset' with Bigg Boss only showing her bad side, and not her good side. Eijaz and Pavitra groove to a romantic song on their date. The episode ends with Salman informing the viewers that one contestant out of Rubina, Jasmin, Kavita, and Nishant will be evicted finally. 

10: 30 PM: After Shehnaaz's exit, Salman talks about the eliminations, and says that the eviction will take place tomorrow, i.e. Monday. Later, Eijaz and Nikki talk about the other contestants' behaviour. Bigg Boss then calls Eijaz and Pavitra in the theatre room, the actor picks Pavitra in his arms, and takes her for a romantic date. The two have chai, samosa, and get into a heart-to-heart conversation. Eijaz and Pavitra talk about their 'iss rishtey ko kya naam du' and get flirty. They play with balloons and get into a fun-filled chat. 

10: 20 PM: The Punjabi Kudi then calls Jaan, Rahul, and Nikki on the seats for a test. Shehnaaz plays the 'test your bond' with Jaan, Nikki, and Nikki. Sana compliments Nikki, calls her smart, and says that she likes her game. After the trick questions, Jaan wins the round, as he knows Nikki more. Shehnaaz calls Eijaz and Pavitra a 'favourite couple,' and sends them on a romantic date. She makes a happy entry, telling Nikki 'Chak de phate.' 

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10: 10 PM: Shehnaaz introduces 'Prem Ka Game.' She calls Eijaz and Pavitra her favourite jodi, and teases the duo. Shehnaaz then throws some fun-loving questions to Pavitra and Eijaz. Sana advises Pavitra to not fight with Eijaz, but his emotional support. Shehnaaz teases Pavitra about her 'heart-shaped' roti that she especially made for Eijaz. The actor compliments Pavitra, and she calls him 'cute ziddi.' Shehnaaz then indirectly suggests Eijaz take the 'risk' of relationship.

10: 00 PM: Salman welcomes Shehnaaz Gill and greets everyone warmly. She gets into an adorable banter with Salman. She compliments Eijaz and calls her best. Salman asks Shehnaaz about her lockdown time. She reveals that she loves Eijaz and Pavitra's bond. Sana also advises Nishant to play his own game. She shares that she would make Eijaz her friend and would win the game this year. Later, Salman asks Sana to take over the house, till the time he gets back.

9: 50 PM: Jasmin advises Eijaz to not take Kavita's talks personally, as he is extremely pissed by her words. Kavita feels Eijaz is 'disturbed.' Jasmin and Eijaz get into chat, and the latter vents out his anger saying they are narrow-minded. Rubina and Kavita clear the air about 'the film promotion misunderstanding.' Eijaz shouts that Kavita is making a fool of herself on national TV. Shardul supports Eijaz and blames Kavita for physically hurting Eijaz. Eijaz continues his rant and expresses his anger. 

9: 35 PM: Kavita clarifies her woman-to-woman talk with Pavitra. Kavita then talks about her friendship with Eijaz outside the house and has met only three times over these years. Kavita clears that she is 'not Eijaz's friend,' but only has had a professional equation once or twice. Kavita's personal attack over Eijaz, does not go down well with Pavitra. The two get into an ugly debate, sharing details over their past, and fights in the house. Kavita calls Eijaz a 'crazy man.' Salman then interrupts and explains to Kavita that Eijaz felt a connection with her. Kavita's allegations over Eijaz gets Pavitra, Shardul angered. Salman schools Kavita, and she tries to clear her stance. The housemates get into a verbal spat. Salman gets annoyed with their fight and leaves the stage. 

9: 25 PM: Salman introduces another game of 'essential, and non-essential,' wherein the contestants have to decide who deserves these tags between Eijaz and Kavita. While Abhinav, Jasmin, Nishant, and Rubina feel Eijaz is non-essential in the BB 14 house, Naina, Nikki, Jaan, Shardul, Rahul, Pavitra think Kavita is non-essential, and support the opponent. Ultimately, 6 contestants feel Kavita is non-deserving, while 4 housemates stand against Eijaz. 

9: 10 PM: Salman talks to the nominated contestants and advises them to make a vote appeal whenever they want. Eijaz feels that Nishant's game will be over tonight, over Jasmin, Kavita, and Rubina. Abhinav also takes Nishant's name as a weaker contestant among the nominated ones. Salman then invites a special guest, Sunidhi Chauhan. He gets into a fun-loving chat with the songstress. Salman then reveals that he has started doing 'riyaaz.' Jaan shares that he has a huge crush on Sunidhi ji, and Salman teases Nikki. Salman then asks Sunidhi to do a duet performance with Jaan and Rahul, individually. The housemates then again play a game, of giving each other tags like the meanest housemate, irritating inmate, badatmeez, kaamchor, insecure, etc. Abhinav gets the gift at last, which contained a joker. Sunidhi leaves the house as she sings 'Dil Dewana' and Salman grooves to the song. 

9: 00 PM: The episode begins with Salman entering the stage in swag and greeting everyone. He talks about the nominations and voting lines. Salman then meets the housemates seated in the garden area and takes a dig at Naina for not being visible in the house. Then, he asks her to get some sashes from the storeroom. A game begins, where Nikki gives the 'prem' sash to Jaan, as others tease the duo. Eijaz gives the 'hasi' wali sash to Nikki, later Kavita comes and 'Karuna' tag to Eijaz. Abhinav gives the 'khrodh' to Rahul, while Pavitra gives the 'ghin' sash to Kavita.  Jaan gives the 'shaanti bhang' tag to Rubina, Rahul gives 'bhay' tag to Pavitra, and Shardul gives the 'veerta' tag to Kavita. Lastly, Rubina gives the 'ashcharya' sash to Pavitra.

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10:52 PM: Salman then dropped hints that one of the contestants from the red zone will be leaving the house and Kavita assumes it is her. However, the superstar was just playing a prank. Meanwhile, Nikki makes a vote appeal for Rubina.

10:39 PM: Salman asks Rubina-Abhinav to focus on the task and clarified that captains aren’t made on the basis of footage and TRPs.

10:30 PM: Salman then discusses the much heated argument between Kavita and Eijaz and takes a witty jibe at it. The caller of the week questions Rubina asks why did she say that captains are made as per TRP and footage thing and the actress defends herself again. She was again quizzed about why does she have a problem with Eijaz being the captain, and she explains her point.

10:21 PM: The next topic of discussion is ‘hinsa’. Salman asks Pavitra what is it suppose to mean. He then asks who is using this word more often and Rubina comes on the radar once again. Rubina once again has a lot to say in her defense and ended up arguing with Pavitra. Rubina’s defense has been touted to be invalid by the contestants and everyone believes that the actress has been using the ‘hinsa’ card as per her convenience.

10:15 PM: Salman suggests Jasmin not to stick to the matter and focus on better things. He then moves to Rahul and claims that housemates feel he has criminal intent for using a knife during the task. The former Indian Idol singer spoke about it what happened during the buzzer task. Abhinav also said that he fears Rahul has criminal intention but this sparks an argument between the couple

09:55 PM: Rubina defended herself, but Salman doesn’t buy her explanation. However, the Chhoti Bahu actress continues defending her and tried explaining the point of intent in the task. But Salman counters her saying the tasks are all about efforts one puts in the task. He was seen losing his cool over Rubina for not understanding the main point and defending herself pointlessly. Salman also asks the housemates if everyone thought that Rahul had threatened her, but everyone denied.

09:48 PM: The superstar then asks Abhinav, who was Jasmin’s firm defence in the hullabaloo, to share his opinion about the audio clip. Rahul is elated with Salman coming out in his support. Salman tells Jasmin about how she has been trolled for her actions against Rahul. He also mentioned how Rubina supported Jasmin for spilling water on Rahul and slammed her for the same.

09:39 PM: Salman asks Kavita and Shardul about their experience on the show so far and they are of the opinion that the house has been divided into two groups. Next Jasmin comes on the superstar’s radar and asked her about her hullabaloo over Rahul asking her to leave the bag in the captaincy task. Salman was seen in defending Rahul and told Jasmin for creating a furore out of nothing. The superstar then played a clip from the task wherein Rahul was requesting Jasmin to leave the bag.

09:34 PM: Salman then slams Rubina, Kavita and Jasmin for their derogatory remarks against Nikki, Pavitra and Rahul respectively. He told contestants that they should raise their voice on the topic which needs to be spoken about but this leads to a heated war of words.

09:23 PM: Salman then introduces the chair of the villain of the house. For a change, the superstar didn’t ask for opinions and asked Rahul to sit on the chair. He then takes a dig at him for his nepotism remark. He drew an example of his father helping him along with several celebs helping their kids. Salman explained that every parent does stuff for their kids. He said that Bigg Boss isn’t the platform to bring in nepotism. He also said that everyone in the house has managed to be in the show because of their ownself.

09:18 PM: While Nishant and Jasmin enter the puppet zone, the Naagin actress disagreed to it. Rubina then explained her cordial terms with Jasmin has been termed puppetry. Nishant also denied being a puppet to Rubina. However, Salman said that Rubina was influencing both Nishant and Jasmin. Rahul was then seen explaining his point on naming Jasmin as Rubina’s puppet and this sparked an argument between the two.

09:13 PM: Salman Khan greets the contestants and asks about the new nominated contestants for elimination. He took a witty jibe at the nominated contestants. Salman also quizzed about the puppet task and ask them to come to a unanimous decision. While Jaan gets the maximum vote, Rahul and Abhinav get a tie in votes in the puppet task. However, Salman said it was Nishant and Jasmine who was Rubina’s puppet.

09:08 PM: Rahul named Abhinav and Jasmine as Rubina’s puppet and Jaan named Abhinav as well along with Nishant. This sparks another argument in the house. Abhinav explains his point and says no one is Rubina’s puppet. However, he did mention Jaan as been easily puppeted by everyone. He takes Eijaz name as his second option. Shardul agreed with Rubina’s point in the task

09:06 PM: Eijaz named Abhinav and Nishant as puppets. Naina feels everyone has his/her own personality. On the other hand, Kavita’s defends Abhinav and clarified that he isn’t Rubina’s puppet. Rubina calls Rahul and Jaan as her puppet and explains the point. However, both denies the same.

09:00 PM: Salman Khan graces the stage and was welcomed with the song Jag Ghoomeya. He gives a glimpse of a new puppet task wherein in the contestants have to decide which two contestants are Rubina Dilaik’s puppet. The first one to share her views was Nikki Tamboli who called Abhinav Shukla as Rubina’s puppet. While Abhinav denied it, Pavitra seconded him and named Nishant Malkhani for the same.

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Anonymous 3 months ago

She is Epitome of Annoyance!! Most of her statements r nonsense jus like her! Salman showed her mirror !!

Anonymous 3 months ago

Bigg Boss is totally biased this time. Clearly, Salman Khan is favoring Nikki, Pavitra, Jaan, and Eijaz. Also the makers are, hence they removed some deserving people like Shehzad Deol who deserved to stay than Jaan. Totally annoying!

Anonymous 3 months ago

She is so so.. iriteting cheap

Anonymous 3 months ago

Totally agree why she keeps saying hinsa.. she had made sime valid claims in the past.. bt now what she is doing us really irritating..she knws everything others r fools

Anonymous 3 months ago

Fake show