BB15: Feud between Neha Bhasin & Pratik Sehajpal escalates; Former maintains distance

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Neha Bhasin and pratik fight
BB15: Feud between Neha Bhasin & Pratik Sehajpal escalates; Former maintains distance

In the recent episodes of the controversial show Bigg Boss 15, Neha Bhasin had made a wild card entry in the house in the Diwali week. She is seen maintaining a distance with Pratik Sehajpal, with whom she had shared a close bond in Bigg Boss OTT. In the recent episode, it was seen that a simple banter between them turned into an argument after Neha Bhasin called Pratik to speak but, he did not hear her. She threw a few drops of water at him and also grabbed him by his collar.

Pratik Sehajpal asked her to leave him but she refused and they decided not to speak to each other. Later, in the bathroom area, Pratik asked Neha to talk properly to him. Neha said that he was the first one to push her and she just retaliated. Neha Bhasin said that this is how she is, either he takes her like this or leaves her. Pratik responds saying, "I've left it."

Shamita Shetty asks Neha Bhasin to not talk to Pratik Sehajpal. Their argument continued when Neha was chopping onions and Pratik stood beside her. He took the onions from her and started chopping them. Tejasswi Prakash and Nishant Bhat said that they voted for Neha to cut the onions. Pratik said that he is hungry and wants the food to be cooked soon.

Neha Bhasin asks Pratik to stay away from her, so moves aside near the kitchen table and sits on the chair. She asks him to not enter her space. Pratik retaliates stating that the entire house is his and he can go wherever he wants to. He purposely goes and stands beside Neha and says that he isn't even touching her. Neha says that he touched her feet. Pratik wiped off his leg and said, "Is it okay, now?"

Neha Bhasin left from there and sat in one corner of the house and cried inconsolably. Shamita Shetty found her and asked what happened. Neha Bhasin narrated the entire situation to her. Shamita suggested that she should stop letting Pratik affect her and should completely maintain distance from him. 

Later, Pratik Sehajpal goes to Neha Bhasin and apologizes to her. Neha tells him that it isn't the right time and she is in no mood to talk to him. Pratik Sehajpal still apologizes to her and says that he genuinely cares for her and she affects him. However, he assured her that he won't react to anything she does or says to him. He added that she is free to behave in whichever way that she wants to with him.

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