Beyhadh 2’s Jennifer Winget: I don’t wake up looking like a diva, I wake up looking like I fought with myself

Currently, Jennifer Winget is shooting for season 2 of Beyhadh.
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Nowadays, Jennifer Winget is busy with the shooting of season 2 of Beyhadh and as much as Jennifer is excited for the show, fans are equally pumped to see their Maya back on the screen. Be it at award shows, parties or friends outings, Jennifer Winget is always dressed to the T and needless to say, she is one of the most fashionable television actresses. Now in a recent interview, Jennifer Winget opened up on cosmetic treatments and why she feels that it is not important for an actor to remain prim and proper all the time.

While she feels that it is not necessary for a person to remain prim and proper all day long, she is also of the opinion that if a person wants to undergo cosmetic treatment, they should do it and not get bothered by what others have to say. “If you want to undergo cosmetic treatments, who is anyone else to judge you? It’s your body and only you have the right to do whatever you want to do with it. Which girl doesn’t like getting dolled up? I know I thoroughly enjoy it, and why not?,” said Jennifer.

As we all know, nobody wakes up looking all dolled up and often, actress’ reveal that it takes an army of people to get the ready for an event or film and talking about the same, Jennifer said that a lot of effort goes into achieving their looks. Jennifer said that unlike popular opinion, she doesn’t wake up looking like a diva and it takes a team to get her looking like she does on camera. “I wake up looking like I fought with myself. People should be able to differentiate between real and reel. Social media can be deceiving and youngsters don’t see through it,” shared Jennifer. Jennifer Winget was last seen in Bepannaah opposite Harshad Chopda and next, she will be seen in Beyhadh 2 for which Jennifer will be seen sporting burgundy colored hair.



Getting dolled up by @mukeshpatilmakeup And in love with this Burgundy Hair by @farah.tarapore

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