Beyhadh 2 SPOILER ALERT: Maya and Rudra's romance to make MJ angry

In the upcoming episode of Beyhadh 2, newlyweds Maya and Rudra will be seen sharing some romantic moments together, leaving MJ aghast. Here's what will happen.
Beyhadh 2 SPOILER ALERT: Maya and Rudra's romance to make MJ angry
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Beyhadh 2 starring Jennifer Winget, Ashish Chowdhry, and Shivin Narang in the lead roles is dishing out some nail-biting episodes. While on one hand we're seeing love bloom in Rudra's heart, on the other MJ is adamant to take revenge from Maya. In the latest episode we saw that Rudra is planning to make his newlywed wife feel special as he is initiated to fill the colour of love in Maya's life. On the contrary, MJ, Antara and Deeya join hands to destroy Maya and Rudra's happiness. 

While Rudra is trying his best to let Maya out of her ugly past, MJ is making all efforts to drag Maya back in their to ruin her peace. In the last episode Rudra was seen complimenting hr beautiful wifey about her long silky hair. Later MJ came in and chopped her locks to make her realize that her life is always going to be in the dark. This left Maya shaken and she was left in fear. Now in the upcoming episodes, viewers are going to get a relief from the revenge, as love is going to enter the show finally. 

Yes, in tonight's episode, love is going to finally blossom between Maya and Rudra as they will share some romantic moments together. The premise will be filled with colours, flowers and balloons, and amidst all this Rudra and Maya will take their romance to the next big level. As the newlywed couple share their moments of love, MJ will be see standing outside their door and their chemistry will leave him aghast. 

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It would be interesting to see what MJ does next, now that Maya and Rudra are going to come closer. Are you excited to see Maya and Rudra's sizzling romance on-screen? Let us know in the comment section below. 


Yes we want to see more of maya rudra's romance...and we don't like weak maya , maya should be strong

Wish she could have a happy ending this time

I sure want a happy ending because maya deserves it. Sh should destroy MJ without killing anybody. Sh should destroy his business, make him so pathetic that he is completely destroyed and is in jail. And Roy family should be given a child by maya to carry on their name

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