Beyhadh 2 SPOILER ALERT: Maya remembers the past as she sees Rudra; Vikram's connection with Maya REVEALED

In the upcoming episode of Beyhadh 2, Maya and Rudra will finally bump into each other. Here's what will happen.
Beyhadh 2 SPOILER ALERT: Maya remembers the past as she sees Rudra; Vikram's connection with Maya REVEALED
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Beyhadh 2, which airs on Sony TV is getting interesting day by day. The show started in December last year and has been keeping viewers glued to their screens. Though it may not be able to grab TRP points and find its place even in the Top 20, it surely has a loyal audience. The revenge drama stars Jennifer Winget, Ashish Chowdhry, and Shivin Narang in the lead roles, and Ankit Siwach has recently entered to bring some more nail-biting twists and turns. 

In the latest episode, we saw how Rudra reached Vikram's home, where he tried to find Maya but failed to trace her. On the other hand, Vikram showed his possessive lover side and wanted to consummate the marriage with Maya. However, Maya pushed him back and denied him coming close to her. But later on Maya's request, Vikram agreed to take her out to the real world and they go to a club. Surprisingly, Rudra also comes to the same club hunting for Maya.  

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Now, in the upcoming episode, Rudra and Maya will finally bump into each other. As Maya picks up a newspaper and stands back Maya, notices someone walking towards her. Well, it is none other than Rudra. She tries to catch a glimpse of the man, who looks familiar to her, and who's a photograph she just saw printed on the paper. Rudra is also keenly walking in her direction, while Maya experiences flashbacks. Will they come face to face with each other? 

Here's a sneak peek from the episode: 

On the other hand, a report IMW Buzz has spilled the beans about Vikram's connection with Maya. Apparently, Vikram and Maya would have gotten married in the past, but Maya betrayed her. Vikram would have been Maanvi aka Maya's savior when MJ tried to kill her. Well, just by the episodes we know that their past was a nasty one, and Vikram is back to fulfill his evil plans. 

It would be interesting to see what happens next? Will Rudra and Maya confront each other? Will Maya recall her past? What will Rudra do on seeing Maya in this situation? Will Vikram save Maya from Rudra again? What are the truth of Maya and Vikram's marriage and past? What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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